Introducing Zuzu

Three weeks ago we did a thing…After a few years of being critter-free and after much promising, groveling, and begging from the girls we filled out more paperwork than is necessary to buy a house and adopted a puppy from Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue.

She came with the name Zuzu. She is some type of tiny lab mix and she is about four months old. I felt hesitant about getting a puppy since we just got a human baby not long ago. However, when we met her, she immediately snuggled into a tight circle in my lap and stared into my soul with those weepy-ass eyes because she just KNEW  I was the mama of the house and would be won over with a solid snuggle.

Zuzu despises the cold, loves curling up by the fireplace, attacking our slippers, and trying to play with Ares. Currently, Ares is not down with Zuzu’s affections and gives her a “talk to the hand” gesture while dramatically looking away. I think they will be good friends, just not quite yet. Cece has been a rockstar dog walker and both girls have been quite dedicated to feeding and giving her fresh water and treats.The first few days with her were a bit overwhelming as we worked on house breaking and preventing accidents while trying to maintain some shred of cleanliness and order in the house with the three kids. We also have had to take her to the vet several times. When we adopted ZuZu, she had a wound on her chest from being bitten by another dog (hence the bandages). Fortunately, the wound has healed well and she was never flinchy during bandage changes and she wasn’t wary of the kids petting her and playing with her. Although, I do think they exhausted the heck out of her when she first arrived. In addition to cuddling, lounging by the fireplace, and giving Ares unwelcome affection, Zuzu also enjoys chasing her tail, batting at toys like a cat, slithering under our bed like a snake, and losing her tennis balls under the couch.While Cece is at school during the day and Joe is at work, Rosie has been a stellar helper with keeping Zuzu entertained, fed, and happy (even with a cone on her head). Even though a puppy is obviously a lot of work, I have definitely enjoyed the fact that when anyone says “I’m bored” we can always suggest taking Zuzu for a walk or just playing with her.  Zuzu is usually cool with this.Once again, welcome to the family, Zuzu!

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