Happy 4th Birthday, Rosie!


Today we celebrated four years with our Rosie Posie! (Or Rosalicious as she sometimes refers to herself.) She dressed herself from head to toe today in a new outfit she picked out with a Target gift card. Only when I started uploading these photos did I realize that she somewhat resembles Rosie the Riveter which is also a fitting name and lookalike for this spunky one.

After a 5 minute photo shoot this morning, she and I baked a cake. Then we went on Rosie’s outing of choice (Chuck. E. Cheese!). By the time we got home, we settled in for a nice dinner, cake, and presents. Rosie loves all thing girly (nail polish, shoes, purses, makeup, etc.) and she was thrilled to get some new beauty sets. She promptly opened up Rosalicious Salon where Joe and I were her first two customers. ( I currently have aqua eyeshadow on and gold nail polish, compliments of Rosalicious. And Joe’s nails are a fashion-forward lavender.)  She also did some biking and jeep-driving outside and got to play with some of her neighborhood friends, whom she has missed seeing this winter.  All in all, she really enjoyed turning four today.As per usual, I’m a tad emotional with the kick-off of birthday season in our household. All of these babies’ lives are flying by and I’m over here frantically trying to take pictures and log the details so I don’t forget any of it ever. Rosie, I love your vivacious spirit, your matter-of-fact mannerisms, your wicked sense of humor, your enviable style, your fierce love for your family, and your beautiful little soul. You have brought so much brightness to my life. I love how you randomly hug with me with your eyes closed and say “I just love you, Mom!” It makes me feel like a million bucks. Thought it’s been a challenge for me to navigate raising a little one with such a strong spirit, you make me a better parent and person everyday, even if it’s not always obvious.

Rosie, I can’t wait to see what FOUR has in store for you! Your dad and I are extremely lucky to call you our daughter and to have a front row seat to your life. Love you, Rosie Posie!

(Also, that one time she was born.)