March Madness

Hey everyone! We might (might) be almost finished muddling and shoveling our way through “spring.” It’s been so ridiculous, hasn’t it? Fortunately, you can still buy yourself bouquets of fresh flowers and wine, even when the weather is awful.

I don’t fancy myself a complainer. But seriously. All I want to do is take these kids to a GD playground. I’m telling you once it warms up, we are going to be outside ALL THE TIME squeezing every last drop of fun out of summer.

Today, however, I’m finally going to recap all things from March.


(Look at Ares longing for flowers! Actually, he is just trying to get at the outlet in the wall…)

At the beginning of the month was Cece’s spring break. Joe also took a week of vacation so we had a bunch of time to spend together as a family. Since our puppy Zuzu was still pretty new to us, we figured it wouldn’t be wise to travel anywhere far from home. However, we did fit in some fun activities.

Cece started off her spring break by losing (and swallowing) her first tooth! She has literally been waiting for a lifetime for this to happen and she was SO excited! She left a note explaining to the tooth fairy what happened and she still received a dollar so she was pumped. I can’t believe we are at the phase in life where we have a big kid with a toothless smile!

We took the girls bowling, which they loved. Somehow Rosie crushed the whole family during the second game we played and we’re still in shock about it.

Another activity we took up over spring break was doing puzzles together as a family which proved to be a fun switch-up from movie nights! Minimal crying and fighting for the win.

After driving by it many times on our trips to and from Chicago, we finally took a day trip to Metropolis in Eau Claire. The kiddos enjoyed the heck out of the water park, I enjoyed the heck out of the trampoline park, and they even liked playing games in the arcade. We were one seriously wiped out, but happy, family by the end.

In March, Joe also took the girls to the Daddy Daughter Dance in Hudson and they had a ball together! Snacks, crafts, friends, fun, and dancing! Those crazy kids were out until 8:30 pm, it was wild! Rosie keeps asking when they can go back to Daddy Daughter dance, and I don’t blame her!

During the month,  I have been trying to counteract all the wine and birthday cake and work on my summer bod. I’ve been trying to get to the gym 2-3 times a week (this week was no times, ack). I’ve also tried to take the discreet selfie here and there to keep motivated.

We celebrated our little Rosie Posie turning 4 by a party at the Giggle Factory and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese on her actual birthday. She’s also all signed up for 4K next year and just returned from her dentist check-up with no cavities. You are slaying, Rosie!

Something tells me that this little guy is SERIOUSLY going to enjoy his first birthday next month!

As for house projects, my focus has been the living room lately. After Joe and I living together for almost 12 years, we finally bought BRAND NEW COUCHES this spring. The whole room is coming together now with some wall art and this excellent teal coffee table I found which matches my favorite teal outfit (If loving teal is wrong, then I never want to be right). I’ll share some living room before and afters soon!

In photography news, I recently launched a newsletter to keep clients updated on my goings-on since social media is, like, hard.  (Mini sessions, rebranding, and more! Leave a comment or send me a message if you’d like to be added). I’ve also been doing some really fun portrait sessions including fitness photos and one fab shoot with singer/songwriter Drea  (above) who is one talented beautiful human and a blast to hang out with. We had a fun power hour of catching up and getting some really cool shots in downtown Minneapolis on a freezy, windy day.

The month ended with us celebrating Easter in St. Cloud during (another) blizzard. Although there was no outdoor egg hunt this year, the kids played non-stop with their cousins, Cece lost another tooth, and eventually all crashed once the weekend ended. Kids party SO HARD during holidays.

Cousin snuggle pile!

Anyway, that’s been some of the recent happenings. Hoping when my next post goes up, it’ll be full of sunshine and rainbows and true spring-y things!