Happy 7th Birthday, Cece!


Over the weekend, we celebrated our oldest turning seven! We asked her how she wanted to celebrate (and we threw out some pretty cool options), and what she wanted most was a sleepover party. We kept it small (three friends, plus Rosie) and hosted rainbow birthday sleepover palooza. (We should have made t shirts)Jury is still out on whether or not she enjoyed herself. When I asked what kind of cake Cece wanted, she told me the variety cheesecake from the grocery store. I stuck a candle in that and called it good.  Done and done. She was thrilled.The party was a whirlwind of pizza, cake, gifts, piñata, Ferdinand-watching, bike-riding and playing outside as the weather truly turned warm over the weekend. Even though the party was on Saturday night. I still feel like I’m recovering from it… and it’s Tuesday.

Even though I can’t hang, I’m so glad Cece and her friends had such a great timeYesterday, on April 30, was the big day of actually turning 7. Although it was a school day, it was still a day well-spent. We had a couple more gifts to give, had time to play outside after school, and I cooked her dinner of choice. I took a couple photos in the morning to commemorate the occasion.

I’m going to try and savor these last few years of Cece being in the single-digits as I know it’s going to fly by all too fast. I can’t believe this is still that little baby with wrinkly feet that got handed to us seven years ago. How???

Miss Cece, I can’t believe how quickly and how lovely you’ve grown. You were a game changer for me. I was young and dumb and clueless about motherhood, babies, and kids when you were born, but I was also filled with utter fascination and love for my new tiny person. I remember rocking you in the middle of the night those first few weeks with my eyes all welled-up with tears because I was so overwhelmed with love for you.

I’m thankful everyday that I get the privilege of watching you grow up! You are such a ray of sunshine in our lives. I love your energy, your creativity and imagination, and your desire to just get all your favorite people together to have fun. You are an awesome big sister, dog owner, and artist. I can’t wait to see all the great things you do this year. (This could be the year that her stuffed animal day care really takes off!) We love you so much!