All Things April 2018


Why hello! I hope you are having a marvelous May! Today, I’m rounding up all my iPhone photos from April and getting them in the books/ on the interwebs.Springtime is birthday time around our house as March April and May are sprinkled with birthdays. Joe’s birthday was at the beginning of the month and we gave our best guy gifts, baked him a cake, took the whole family out for sushi, and watched the movie Ferdinand which I think is definitely Joe’s new favorite movie. (And with good reason, it’s awesome)Also at the beginning of the month, Cece’s school put on their spring concert E-I-E-I-OOPS and Cece even had a speaking part (Chick #1! She had one line and NAILED IT) I was sitting WAY in the back, so we didn’t get all the photos but I at least got a video of her speaking moment.

A true treat! My friend Alysha and her daughter Taylor drove up from Madison to stay the weekend and visit us in April. This happened to be the weekend of the massive April blizzard so we were snowed in the whole time. Fortunately, we had snacks and coffee during the day, wine at night, and so much catching up to do that the time really flew by. Taylor taught me Irish step dancing. Alysha and I talked photography as she has muchos knowledge. I am a more enlightened person from their visit!

^^^Mid-April in Hudson. So pretty though.^^^

Fortunately, Mother Nature eventually must have gotten exasperated with all of the whining and complaining and spring finally sprung! The thing about having a winter that spans for about seven months is that you appreciate the warmth and the sun like never before. We’ve been outside everyday, riding bikes, visiting playgrounds, taking Zuzu for walks and to the dog park, and pushing Ares around in the stroller. This here is my best life.

Joe and I managed to go out on our first date night since September!!! We ate at Mallory’s in downtown Hudson, walked around in the sunshine afterwards, and just took a drive and explored some state parks. It was good for my soul. Thank you Rachel, my sis-in-law, for babysitting!

We had a second round of April visitors… my sister Robbyn and her husband Jay! The above photos are from when we went out to The Happy Gnome and also Revival in St. Paul. I am not kidding when I say that I might have had a religious experience eating the fried chicken there and my life is now comprised of two separate eras… before fried chicken and after fried chicken. Because I am not the same. Seriously.

Well there you have our April happenings! Enough reading about me, go out and enjoy the freakin’ sunshine now, okay???