Eat/Wear/Read: April Edition

To liven up my blog life and to write about something not kid/baby related, I decided I’m going to do a short and sweet post each month called “Eat/Wear/Read” because no matter what I’ve got going on in life, I am a total enthusiast regarding food, fashion, and fiction (and sometimes non-fiction, but that doesn’t quite provide the alliteration I was going for.) So here we go!

My meal of choice lately has been a Whole 30 compliant version of stir fry which includes riced cauliflower and sweet potato (which you can buy FROZEN, yay for convenience!), broccoli, shrimp, black sesame seeds, and a quick sauce made from rice vinegar, coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil and a bit of salt and pepper. I love this meal because it’s filling and tastes indulgent , but it’s actually crazy healthy! On repeat all last month… and this month.

As for my go-to things to wear, I’ve been all about the black and white stripes (as I can see repeated several times in my previous post) plus red lipstick. In my head, that’s what ladies obviously wear during springtime in Paris. If I ever make it to Paris, I will verify this theory.

As for books, my quick April read was Present over Perfect which has been on my to-read list for a long time now. I was drawn to it because I thought it would provide me with some good strategies as to how to unplug and be present AF for myself and my family. Turns out, I’m pretty sure the author never even mentions the word “smartphone” once but she still left me with profound reasons and ways to stop the constant listing and tasking that’s running through my head. It also preaches the message of how less is more in nearly every way: less things to own, less stuff on the calendar, less to-dos, and and less emphasis on titles and achievements when we define our self worth. This resonated with me because as I’m a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have a tangible way to show the world how much I’m worth.

Instead, sometimes I feel that a lot of my worth is wrapped up in how much I can do in addition to taking care of my kids and my home. Some of these trivial ways that I try to declare and define my worth is in how efficient and organized I am (which isn’t very), how much I can make it to the gym (lately not much), how many side-projects I can accomplish, how many healthy home-cooked meals I can make, and not necessarily how well I love myself and my family.  And I know that loving myself and my family needs to be paramount and those other things need to quiet themselves down because at the end of the day and at the end of my life, I don’t think anyone is going to care or remember how I was on top of putting away laundry, but they will remember if they felt loved. Am I right?

Whooaaaaa, that got deep fast! But I do urge anyone who is feeling a little overwhelmed in any way to read this, I love the message and I love the idea of living out a truly more present life.

Thanks for listening to me talk about myself, yet again! Looking forward to another one of these posts soon!