Memorial Day Weekend 2018



Hi everyone! We just returned from a long weekend up north at the cabin. As per usual, I have lots of pictures of our kids and their cousins, but no grown-ups. So although it may appear that these kids were all running around unsupervised, I assure you they were all kinds of supervised. We had a fantastic time enjoying the lake and the sunshine, going on boat rides (except Ares, he really hated wearing a life jacket), fishing, paddle boarding, tubing, water skiing, and even having a water balloon battle. One hit this year was grandma’s polaroid camera which documented all of the fishes caught over the weekend.

Last summer at the cabin, Ares spent most of his time as a swaddled newborn. This year, he’s out to dig in the sand, stick everything (including sand) in his mouth, and mooch food off everyone’s plate. Also known as living his best life.

All the kids were absoulte fishes and we could not keep them out of the water. I’m proud of all the brave tubers, including Cece! Right before we had to be on our way back home, all the kids had a water balloon battle. It was a perfect grand finale for our final day there (especially because the kids did a rockstar job of picking up the balloon remnants off the lawn.)

Even though things can get squeezy in one cabin with 23 people and there can be scuffles among cousins, I love these few special weekends a year when we can get together, eat all the snacks, play games after the kids go to bed, sneak in reading a chapter or two of a book, and wake up to have coffee on the dock while watching the lake. Have I thanked Mike and Michele lately for getting a cabin and continuing to invite me there? Well, thank you guys! You’re kind of the best.

And, of course, all the thanks in the world to the service men and women who have given everything to protect us and our country. I’m glad we have a holiday and a weekend to acknowledge that sacrifice and I’m forever grateful for the freedoms and blessings we have as a family and as a country.

I hope your weekend was full of warmth, sunshine, and togetherness as well! Now summer has officially begun!

(BTW, I dug through the archives and found a post from Memorial Day weekend six years ago! AHHHH I can’t get over how little Cece was!)