The Marvelous Month of May

“May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.”

-Fennel Hudson

Well, hi again! I’m on a blogging roll this week and today I might (just might) finally get one of my monthly happenings blog posts complete in a timely manner.

So! May! How great was that? It’s been the only month this year without a snow storm. I nearly cried from happiness the day I saw the buds finally bursting on the trees. It makes my heart so happy to see lush greenery outside the office window while I type this. I don’t mean to wax on and on about the weather, but seriously. The warmth, the colors, and the lack of snow is a game changer!

The first Sunday in May was basically a perfect day in my book. The kids and I were home while Joe worked. We took a walk through our neighborhood and hit up a lemonade stand that was also serving freshly-baked cookies. Then we took a shopping trip to buy some flowers and herbs which everyone was excited about and I felt Joanna Gaines AF while picking up plants with my well-behaved kids. That afternoon Joe stayed with our kids while I had a family photo shoot. By the time I got home, there was still enough evening left to play outside and watch Ares push around his brand-new lawn mower. Like I’ve said before, it’s those little things that really make my heart happy.

I also got spoiled real good for Mother’s Day! The girls woke up early and cleaned their room and put away their laundry as a surprise for me (I nearly cried). The kiddos got me flowers and chocolates and homemade cards. Joe got me additional flowers and made us a delicious dinner of BBQ ribs. We spent the day outside at the playground and the dog park, and just enjoyed the heck out of the day. Rosie even asked me the next day “Can every day be Mother’s Day?” WHY YES IT CAN!!!

Cece wrapped up the end of first grade with THREE field trips! Rosie, Ares, and I also joined her for the end-of-year-picnic at her school. I can’t believe I’ll be sending two kiddos off to school in the fall as Rosie will be off to 4K next year. Some one get me tissues stat!

In terms of photo shoots, May was my busiest and most fun month yet this year! I shot one family session, one newborn session, one graduation session for my sister-in-law, eight Mommy and Me minis, and two head shot sessions. Whose got two thumbs and loves what she does? THIS GIRL!!! I’ve got big plans for the summer… possibly more fitness photos, senior sessions, and a summer mini session for anyone who is interested! I’ll post more information as soon as I nail down the details for all of those above events!

As mentioned in my previous post, we spent Memorial Day weekend up at the cabin which was GLORIOUS! We had a harrowing drive up though as it rained, Ares cried, and the girls complained. We had our dog with us and MISSED the window to get her into her doggy daycare for the weekend so Joe had to circle back and drop her off the following day. But we made it!

 Ares found all sorts of new things to enjoy over the weekend such as stealing my Capri Suns, swinging on the hammock, swinging on the swing, eating corn on the cob, and digging in the sand. Oh little man, you are a handful but I love you.

 The girls got in on all of the fishing excitement. (So many fishes were caught this weekend!) Cece was so proud of her walleye. Then it pooped on her as she was posing for a photo and she promptly freaked out.Rosie was awfully proud  of her catches too. So proud in fact that she had to bring her fish into the cabin (DOH).Ares didn’t catch any fish, but he sure captured the attention and love of Grandma and I don’t think there’s any catch greater than that!Since getting back from the cabin this week, we’ve managed a couple organizing projects around the house, a splash pad play date with our friends Alissa and Claire (pics above of the kiddos enjoying cooling off on these HOT days), a gym visit, and some errands. I’ve liked the way this week has gone so far and I’m hoping we can find a nice balance this summer between outings and socializing and also just relaxing and trying not to do all the things. I’ll let you know how that shakes out.

Joe and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday the best way possible, with tacos! (I got lobster and shrimp tacos!) We went to Rio Loco Cantina in Hudson and thoroughly enjoyed some Mexican food and reminisced on all the good times over the past 13 years.

(Ahhhh, just can’t get enough of Ares and his mower)

Well there you have all of our May happenings in a timely manner for a change! Catch you later, I am off to do summer and probably go run errands with all three kids now as opposed to just two.

Send wine.

I mean, coffee.

Or both. Maybe I can mix them together or something.

(Kidding, kidding)

Cheers to summer everyone!