Eat/Wear/Read: May Edition

Hey, peeps! I’m excited to write another eat/wear/read post! May quickly came and went, but here is my food, fashion, and fiction choices for the three-week spring we had.

So in May, I wanted to set a goal of 10 days of Whole 30 eating. (Eyeroll, here I go again, right??)  I succeeded in hitting my 10 days and then extended it to 17 days. It felt good to meet a set goal, even a small one. During that time, I probably had the exact same breakfast every single day because I enjoyed it so much. It was just a three egg omelet with spinach topped with this smoky pumpkin-chipotle salsa from Aldi, some sliced avocado, and freshly made sweet potato hash browns (seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic granules). Sometimes I’d add some fresh fruit for a sweet element. If you follow my insta stories, I have to say, I’m sorry I posted this, like, 8 times.

 During the abbreviated spring, I lived in my long, bright blue, “Sarah” cardigan. It went perfectly over a dress or over a t shirt and jeans. Also, I was just so in love with the color! Instant mood brightener. (I know, gotta work on better selfies, but who has time?!)

My read for the month was Mothers of Sparta by Dawn Davies. This was another one of my library drive-by grabs from the recommended shelves (bless the librarians who understand the importance of having good books at the ready for busy parents-on-the-go!).  I obviously grabbed it because of all the title and all of the Spartan enthusiasm in our house. (However, Joe was bummed that it had nothing to do with Spartan Racing).

In short, the book was a collections of essays told by the author (a mother). The book was not a linear autobiography, but a selection of life-shaping stories and experiences, much of it revolving around motherhood

 It began with the author getting constantly uprooted and moving around a lot as a child, then the story jumped to college where she was on a date and witnessed a horrific accident and held the hand of a dying stranger. From there it moved on to her first marriage and first pregnancy, postpartum depression, and then divorce, living in poverty as a single mother of three, and remarriage. Whew. There was an examination of being (almost) addicted to painkillers, getting into grad school, a tribute to the different dogs in their lives, the significance of being a soccer mom, and a highly amusing list of the men she would have slept with (probably my favorite chapter, I could not stop cracking up. The contenders ranged from Sitting Bull to LeBron James).  Lastly, the devastating title essay about her troubled son which felt like a punch to the stomach. It was easily the most powerful chapter in the book, but also the most difficult to read.

If I were to actually review the book, I would say that the arrangement of stories seemed a little random and scattered as some were light-hearted and hilarious, followed by some hard-core tragic happenings…. but perhaps that’s an accurate reflection of real life. The writing was strong, relatable, and gripping. It made me think about my own life and experiences. If I were to select the significant moments in my own life and put them into ten chapters, what would they be? And it made me more curious than ever about what is to come still.

I currently have not picked up a new book yet for June, so any suggestions are welcome! I think I need something lighter this month…

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