Mamahood at it’s Shiniest

Back at the beginning of summer, I took my own advice and I got in some photos with my kids! We had a mini session with Patty Schmitt Photography. The girls got to have an epic dress up experience and everyone cooperated for twenty minutes of photos. Best Mother’s Day gift I’ve given myself ever!

I love how bright and shiny and fantasy-like these images are because it’s such a stark contrast to what the day-to-day grind of motherhood is actually like! (At least for us, it involves lots of messy hair, mismatched clothes, permanent milk mustaches, endless finger prints and crumbs, and strangers always commenting to me “Boy, you’ve got your hands full!)

I’ve said it before, but I’m always awed how motherhood is simultaneously the greatest ease and greatest challenge of my life. SO often for me, it involves navigating extreme feelings throughout the day… feeling so happy that my heart could burst from getting sweet babbling and smiles from the baby in the morning or Rosie randomly declaring “Mom, you’re the best mom ever!” …then to me hiding in the bathroom because literally no one will stop talking and interrupting and asking for snacks (five minutes before dinner, of course).

It’s made me acquire the most random skill set (like how to braid someone’s hair who is running away from me), but also has taught me  some extremely valuable lessons. For example, the importance of being patient and present. And to let perfection slide, because there’s literally no time for that. Also, I’ve learned my mood literally sets the tone for our entire house. When I’m feeling rested and happy, that attitude it translates to the rest of the family. Thus I’ve realized that taking care of myself is SO important! I don’t “forget” to eat, I make a point to do things I enjoy, see people I love, and go to bed early when I know I need the rest. These things sound so basic, but they are still things I’ve had to learn as an adult.

I’m so glad I have these photos because right now, as chaotic and tiring as it is, this is easily the sweetest season of my life. Someday when I am (hopefully) super old Rachel sitting back on a rocking chair and reflecting on my life, I’m certain that these days happening right now are going to be my most favorite, cherished memories.

I love that I am waist deep in bubbles, chalk, stroller pushing, tiny shoes, diapers, sunscreen-applying, snack-slinging, “schedules”, necessary nap times, super splashy baths, reading Llama Llama Red Pajama just one more time, pretend-eating food from play kitchens, playground visiting, bike-riding, Disney movie-watching, and early morning snuggling.

All of this will be over in the blink of any eye and I’m going to have kids who are just as tall (if not taller) than me, who don’t need my help washing their own hands or need 10  hug/kiss/tuck-ins before bed every night. Someday, they’ll just, like, go to bed with no three-ring-circus preceding it. As tired as I am and as tired as my face looks right now, I am in no rush to get to those days yet.

Thank you, Cecelia, Rosemary, and Ares for changing me and challenging me in the best possible ways. I will never stop striving to be a better mom to you guys. Your babyhoods and childhoods are the most precious thing that’s ever been entrusted to me and I will be forever grateful to be your mom!




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