Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween from our family to yours! We just returned from a huge trick-or-treating power hour in our neighborhood. (Our neighborhood is literally the best place to trick or treat ever. There are so many overly decorated houses with fantastic treats and just tons of enthusiasm throughout!) We had only planned on taking Ares to a few houses but once Joe brought him home, he kept pointing outside and asking to go back out! So our little dino (Or turtle? Not sure.) roamed around with our zebra and leopard cat hunting and gathering all of the goodies and sweets!

Thank goodness for nice weather and nice neighbors… this really turned out to be a fun night!

We only managed a few pictures before we went out trick or treating. At least it’s enough to prove that we participated this year. We didn’t even get a chance to snap one photo while we were out because it was definitely an all-hand-on-deck, no-eyes-on-your-phone evening trying to keep track of all the kids (plus Zuzu). Honestly, our biggest regret this Halloween was not getting Zuzu a costume in time. Joe says it’s ok, she’ll understand and appreciate it more next year.

I sure hope you and your family enjoyed yourself tonight! I don’t know about you, but I’ve told my kids “THAT’S YOUR LAST PIECE OF CANDY!” about a dozen times. Gotta go now… need to inspect those candy buckets and maybe fish out a few KitKats for myself.

Once more, Happy Halloween to all!


  1. Michele says:

    Thank you for sharing your night. This grandma had serious FOMO for you and your family. 😍

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