Family Photos 2018


“It’s a warm celebration
of all of our years.
I dream of our story
of our fairy-tale.

Family dinners and family trees,
teaching the kids to say, “Thank you,” and, “Please,”
knowing if we stay together that things will be right.”

“Is That Alright?” – Lady Gaga

I truly hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours included some great times and good food with family, but unfortunately a wave of sickness also passed through our household. Fortunately,  we are mostly feeling better now, but don’t really have any photos from the holiday weekend.

HOWEVER, I just received our gallery from our family’s mini session this month. And I totally did the millennial mom thing. I coordinated our family’s outfits from head-to-toe, sought out a photographer with killer style (Rachel Hwang) , and bribed the heck out of everyone for  annual family photos. And since I’m so happy with how they turned out, I’m going to post them on all of my social media accounts and then send them to you guys again via Christmas cards and not be sorry at all about it. So, I sure hope you like seeing our faces.

The majority of our family pictures this year have been mostly taken with our phones, with no parents in the shots, and with our kids scowling (ROSIE) wearing messy and mismatched clothing while usually holding  a sippy cup, naked Barbie, etc. So I won’t lie, I like that we appear civilized and respectable.

Even with the time constraint of a mini session, I am so happy with the variety of shots we got. I also like that even though we’re dressed up, everyone’s true goofy personalities came through (ROSIE). Rachel ended up taking a lot of shots of just me and Joe together which I’m really appreciate! Joe currently has this sexy lumberjack thing going and, I gotta say, I’m ok with that. Glad this season of good hair and good beard is officially documented for us!

Ok, I know. Enough with the smooches already! But seriously though, these pictures gave me the feels because they hardly look any different from our wedding photos from 8.5 years ago. I feel so fortunate to know love that is both fierce and tender, comfortable, yet an adventure. It’s the warmest, safest, silliest, and best thing to be a part of. Joe, I thought I couldn’t love you more than when we got married. Then we weathered 8.5 years of adult married life together plus parenthood. Watching you do the dad thing has melted me into a puddle of sappy bloggy…ness. If the greatest thing a father can do for his children is love their mother, I really, really think our kids are going to turn out alright.

You guys, I’m not sure where all that came from, I’m not even blogging and drinking wine right now. Anyway, thanks Joe for being great, having awesome kids with me, and for smiling nice in photos!

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