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Sweets and Santa

I just wanted to write a short and sweet post about some of the small, but sweet, holiday happenings around here. As mentioned in my last post, we kept our favorite traditions alive including making gingerbread houses. With the girls getting bigger, this was really a very hands-off project for me. The only thing helpful thing I did was prevent Ares  from demolishing the gingerbread dwellings and from consuming all the candy.

(Look at him trying to go for it!)

And there’s Rosie sneaking candy off her house. Caught ya on camera!

Total masterpieces. I loved how the girls were laser-focused and saw their projects through from start to finish!

In addition to gingerbread house-making, we also visited Santa during the first weekend in December at Kelley Art Gallery in Hudson. It’s our favorite place to see Santa. Beautiful decor, no line and lots of time for conversation. Cece and Santa were easy chums, but it took Rosie and Ares some warming up to get close to him this year. Turns out this year they both preferred Santa from a reasonable distance.

No tears! (I mean, a candy cane will help with that for sure)

Lastly, the girls and I made some very festive sugar cookies that we’ve given out as gifts (as well as enjoyed ourselves). It’s really those bite-sized cookies that are dangerous…it’s really easy to just walk on through the kitchen and grab one… or three for yourself. Again, the girls  did not run out of gas and used every single sprinkle decorating every single cookie that came out of the oven. I admire and love their holiday spirit!

(Here is our first mother-daughter holiday baking experience SEVEN years ago! Time with these kids is slipping by so quickly… it constantly makes my heart happy and sad to see them grow.)

Until next time!


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