Snowed In

Winter, you win! We surrender! School has been canceled the last 7 of 9 days here in Hudson. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why this has been so challenging. Obviously, the severe winter weather makes it hard/somewhat dangerous to drive places and get out of the house. And the bitter cold has made it unpleasant to even be outside to play. So we’ve resorted to various indoor activities including but not limited to art, books, wrestling, jumping off furniture, fighting, forts, movies, organizing/cleaning, and chugging coffee with a crazy look in my eye. Here are some photos of said activities:

Do you guys think they made a marshmallow voo-doo doll of me? Because I do.

I even let Rosie have slime again. Even though I hate slime. She was ever so happy.

So, those are the few images I have to share from winter 2019. I wish I had some nicer ones of the girls outside, but they didn’t really want to be out there and the snow was too powdery to make snowmen, soooo… this is all I have.

Fellow Midwesterners, cheers to you. Cheers to all of you who have had to drive in this garbage and go to work and to all of you who have been stuck in the house because everything is closed.

It’ll be spring before we know it. Hang in there!!!


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