Celebrating 5 Years of Rosemary Grace

A newly-born Rosemary Grace Gaetz
Celebrating Rosie’s first birthday
Rosie’s two-year photos I took shortly before moving to Hudson
Three-year-old Rosie with “Poppy hair”
Four-years-old and fabulous (and getting ready to go to Chuck E. Cheese)
Rosie on her 5th birthday

A little less than two weeks ago we celebrated Rosie turning five! It’s been a wild ride having her with us for half a decade now and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Her fifth birthday started out with 4K getting cancelled in the morning, so she got to revel in her presents and relaxing at home. In the evening she chose our restaurant for dinner (sushi) and we were joined by Grandma Michele and Grandpa Mike! On her birthday weekend we also took her rock climbing (since our family hadn’t climbed in forever!). The following week was spring break and we took the girls to Wisconsin Dells. It’s safe to say that Rosie has been enjoying five-year-old life immensely!

At five years old, Rosie is definitely preoccupied with all things magical and having “powers.” According to her she is “half-human, half-genie, half-pegacorn, and half-cat.” She sure loves wearing jewelry, doing her hair, and applying makeup. Sometimes when I confront her about using my makeup without permission, she doesn’t deny or apologize but rather says “BUT I LOVE MAKEUP! And I didn’t use the liquid kind. This time.” As if her passion for cosmetics absolves her of taking my stuff…. She is the go-to person in our family for fashion advice and she has strong opinions about what she wears… and what we wear. (Like when she matter-of-factly said my new pajama pants made me look “grandma-ish.” I don’t even know what that means, but I’m sure it’s true!).

And she keeps our complaining in check. For example, when I was lamenting/groaning about how sore my legs were from the gym, she empathized by saying “Sometimes my legs get sore too… but you don’t hear me complaining about it.”

Rosie has been enjoying her first taste of academia via 4K this year and has also adapted to riding the bus. She and Cece still have sisterly squabbles, but can also be found “chit-chatting” in each other’s beds when they should be sleeping. She and Ares have been buddies since the day he was born and they’ve continued to remain that way, tackling and wrestling included.

She also is fantastic about helping me cook. She seasons, mixes, and sprinkles cheese in things for me. Like her sister, she still enjoys all things art-related, but I think slime might just be the thing she is most passionate about.

Rosie, these past five years have been hilarious, challenging, and precious to me. I’m so glad that you are my daughter and I can’t wait to see all the places you go (kindergarten for one!)

Love you, darlin’!