Great Wolf Getaway

Last week we took the kids on a quick four-day getaway to Wisconsin Dells during the girls’ spring break. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge where we haven’t been before. (And it turned out being really great for the 2-7 age range that we have.) We were pretty much phone-free during all of our water time but I did take my camera out one morning and got a few pictures for us to remember the trip by.

The wave pool was easily Cece’s favorite. That and the more mild water slides.
The two best beach bodies I ever did see!
That big water-dumping bucket is definitely one of the main attractions at the resort.

The only photo I’m in during this entire trip! Thank you Cece for proving that I actually came with you guys!
Next time I’ll take the group shot as we are entering the pool area, not as we are cold, drying and leaving!

When we weren’t in the pool area, the grand lobby always had activities going on for the kids including arts and crafts, story time, dance parties, etc. It a relief to have some low-key, yet fun, entertainment options to give them when taking a break from the water. (If you asked the girls though, I bet they would say their favorite thing was getting dippin’ dots and fudge from the sweets shop!)

On our last day in Wisconsin Dells, we were sure to eat at Buffalo Phil’s (because all food, including margaritas, taste better when delivered via train). And then we stopped by the turbo-charged indoor amusement park Knuckleheads. They could not, of course, resist jumping on the giant blob. Cece also bravely traversed the high-ropes course for a half-hour like it was no big deal.

Even though it wasn’t an extravagant tropical getaway, it still felt refreshing to take a trip after an intense season of snow, cold, ice, and winter sickness.

Until next time, Wisconsin Dells! We’ll be back. (We always come back!)