February & March 2019

It sure feels good to see the mountains of snowbanks finally melted and being on the verge of opening our windows and wearing flip-flops again. Spring, you rascal, you never arrive a moment too soon!

As you can see, Rosie gave her vehicle the first car wash of the year! Truly a sign of spring!

Before I quickly end up six months behind in posting, I’d like to give a recap of the past two months and the things our family has been up to.

My beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet! Actually this is my second one. The first one that was delivered died almost immediately, but Pro Flowers sent us new ones right away.

In February, we had a lovely Valentine’s Day in our home that included several bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and Chinese food. I know, we are pretty great at celebrating holidays.

In February, I took the girls for a ladies day at the Mall of America. We visited/said goodbye to the American Girl store which closed on March 20. My heart is still a bit broken about this as it was a fantastic place to work for me to work for three years. American Girl will definitely live on in our home as both girls truly enjoy their dolls and books!

The kids and I attended a couple of Joe’s flag football games. It was no leisurely enjoy-the-game-and-eat-nachos-in-the stands experience. I had to ensure the girls weren’t jumping off the bleachers and also constantly chase and catch Ares before he ended up on the field because he sure wanted to participate. Say what you will, but we have team spirit!

I was social in a few ways too! Though I am not a member of the Hudson’s Mom Group, I probably should be since I kept getting invited to and attending their recent events (thanks, Sara!!). One was a movie night showing A Star is Born (which I’m obsessed with, but who isn’t??.) These ladies are lovely and it feels great to have connected with some wonderful people during my usual season of hibernation.

One of the other events I attended was Mom Prom! It was an 80s-90s themed ladies night/ prom party in Hudson. I found myself a very 90s dress from Target and even constructed a corsage and applied body glitter for the sake of authenticity. Thanks again, Sara, for asking me to prom!! It was such a blast socializing and dancing to all of the songs I had loved and almost forgotten about!

Our family was lucky to remain quite healthy during February, but once March hit, we dealt with the flu, strep throat, and a brief stomach bug. I felt like I was always bringing someone new to the doctor to get looked at and doing little else besides resting in the house (Ares, above, was such a good sport for the strep and flu test that he got himself a sucker. And Cece’s sunglasses apparently.) Fortunately, we’ve all since recovered. If there’s one part of winter I could live without, it wouldn’t be the weather, it would be the influx of illness!

Mid-March, we celebrated Rosie Posie’s 5th birthday! We started out the day with some gifts and measuring her height, as you can see. Her preschool got cancelled that day so we just hung out until Cece got home from school and we went to the restaurant of Rosie’s choice. (Which turned out being sushi!) Even Grandma and Grandpa came to dinner which all of our kids found delightful and everyone wanted to sit by/on grandpa. Over Rosie’s birthday weekend, we took her rock climbing at REI and then got ready for our little spring break getaway!

As mentioned in my last post, we got to spend some time in Wisconsin Dells during the girls spring break. Obviously, the pools, waterslides, and splashpads were definitely the main features of Great Wolf, they also raved about the dippin’ dots from the sweets shop and enjoyed several craft activities including decorating their own t-shirts.

We ended the month with Joe taking the girls to the father-daughter dance in Hudson. Rosie, naturally, chose to wear my sister Robbyn’s old ice skating dress, but absolutely pulled it off. Also, her fresh new haircut makes her look like a teenager somehow. Joe and the girls had a fabulous time dancing, crafting, and snacking at the event. Have I mentioned lately that I’m kind of glad we moved to Hudson? I feel like in the few years we’ve been here, our family has flourished in all sorts of ways and I’m grateful for it.

I hope April has been off to a lovely start for you! Thanks for stopping by and reading!