Easterly Events 2019

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend, especially with the sunshine! We started out our weekend with our neighborhood’s egg hunt on Saturday morning. For the past two Easters that we’ve lived in Hudson, the Easter activities got moved to people’s garages because of crummy weather. It was great to turn our kids loose and let them egg hunt outdoors with the rest of their neighborhood buddies this year!

“Easter is the BEST!” said Rosie with a mouthful of chocolate donut.

(She IS her mother’s daughter!!!)
Joe is actually wiping chocolate off Rosie’s face and I couldn’t resist taking a photo because it was such a cute and sweet moment.
Ares was unsure about getting too close to the Easter bunny, but he was ok with tugging an ear.

We spent Easter Sunday at my in-laws in St. Cloud like we do every year. Again, this was the first time in a couple years that we actually got to spend time in the yard and do an outdoor egg hunt. The kids loved frolicking with their friends/cousins and I enjoyed eating appetizers as I (sort of) supervised.

I’ve never seen kids run or hunt the yard with such hustle or dedication.
Our youngest niece Violet is THE CUTEST!

I, of course, procrastinated getting a family photo taken until we were about to leave on Sunday afternoon and all the kids (and the dog) were all expired and tired. But, hey! Here we are!

No matter what you celebrate, or how you celebrate, I hope you enjoyed some warm sunshine on your face, a bit of relaxation, and perhaps a piece or two of chocolate. Happy Easter, once more!

<3 rachel