Happy 2nd Birthday, Ares!

Guess who is officially SOOOO big? Yes, Ares. Good guess. Man, I think having a two-year-old boy might do me in, but dang I’m excited to be around for this. (You guys can just grab the popcorn and gather round ye olde blog to read about the things he’s been up to and hear about how my hair is falling out).

Here are some things I think you should know about him at two-years-old: He likes to drag counter stools to help him reach all sorts of off-limits and dangerous things. If it appears that the girls are finished with their meals, he’ll go around and grab leftovers off their plates. Ares has a serious passion for Elmo, trucks, and football. He especially loves this one football shirt he’s wearing and looks for it in the closet every time we go to get him dress. He loves riding his little bike around outside and zooming down any hills he can find. After a good while of only throwing and chewing on books, he realized that he really likes being read to and will bring me books all day long instructing me to “READ!!!” (Especially anything with Elmo or trucks). He has been the only kid with no interest in TV (unless there is football on) and will not sit to watch anything for more than two minutes. He also really loves his blankie, hanging out with the other babies at the gym, and sprinting off while laughing whenever he gets the chance.

He gives great big hugs and smooches, has been the easiest kid to get to pee in the potty, and bounces back from tantrums/sad moments really quickly.

Having a boy has been an entirely different experience than those first two girls, but boy, I’ve been loving this ride even though it literally keeps me on my toes (ALL. THE. TIME.)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ares! I’m going to continue smothering you with my love for as long as you’ll let me!

<3 rachel

P.S. Also, here is, that crazy day he was born (still can’t believe I managed to take NB photos while recovering from a C section) AND his first birthday fiesta!)