Last Day of School 2019

These boo boos just had their last day of school yesterday! Second grade and 4K are officially wrapped up. Heavy backpacks came home with old supplies. forgotten tupperwares, tattered binders and loads of papers. Teacher gifts have all been sent and I’ve got all my lists of things to get done/enjoy this summer. (The first is to deal with the stuffed backpacks instead of just tossing them in the basement, which was my first instinct).

I’m pretty thrilled that I remembered to take some last day pictures (It was probably helpful that other parents were really on top of posting creative and cute last day of school photos). The girls were super cooperative about posing for pictures, but were also strangely serious and closed-mouthed in almost all the shots. Here are the few I have of them actually smiling!

After about approximately eight months of school and eight months of winter, we are thrilled to welcome the warm, semi-carefree days of summer. It was a big year, their brains and bodies grew, and a lot of teeth were lost over the past few months. I have a good feeling that we are going to enjoy the heck out of the summer and by the time September rolls around again, we’ll have a fabulous third grader and kindergartner who will be totally sick of each other but ready to get after the school year. (Well. at least Rosie has expressed a ton of enthusiasm for kindergarten… Cece is a little wary of “more learning” but “excited to know who her teacher will be for third grade.” )

Cheers to summer you guys! Text me if you want to hang out!

Lastly, but not leastly, God bless all of you teachers. If you’re a teacher, I hope your feet are up right now while sipping a tasty drink, and you’re reveling in much-deserved relaxation.

<3 Rachel