Cabin Life 2019

We just returned from a four-day trip to my in-laws’ cabin. The last time we were able to visit was a year ago and it felt great to finally return. This was a quieter visit than usual, as we were there from Mon-Thurs and only saw about 1/4 of the kids’ cousins while we were there.

But. BUT. We still had a wonderful time. I spent minimal time on my phone and made a point to take most of my photos with my camera. The girls took to fishing, paddleboarding, tubing, and even being friendly toward each other during the few days we were there. Ares had a tendency to overheat fast (as you’ll see in the photos of his pink face), but he found an immense enthusiasm for boat rides (preferably on the speedboat), popsicles, juiceboxes, pushing dump trucks around, and wearing his (pink) lifejacket.

As for the adults, we played games in the evening, had snacks, gathered by the campfire, and caught up on American Ninja Warrior. I mean, it doesn’t get more patriotic than that!

The girls became total fishing enthusiasts.
Cece even caught 18 fish in one day.
I can’t tell you how happy it made me to have these two actually playing together, swimming together, and actually acting like friends.
(Think I’m gonna frame this one)
I love you, Rosie.
Zuzu our dog was being a real handful not staying on the property. One way to contain her was to take her out to sea. Zuzu hated this.
Ares getting the boat ride he had been requesting all day.
My newly-retired father-in-law. I think retirement looks pretty fantastic on him! (I don’t think I ever saw him actually sit down and relax once, but still.)
I love how Rosie’s hair continued to get wilder and wilder as the day went on.
These two photos are proof that I was actually in fact at the cabin with my family
Cece went for a solo tube ride.
As did Rosie… and insisted the boat go as slowly as possible,
Joe managed one round of waterskiing which thoroughly impressed the kids. Especially Ares. “Daddy lala SKI!.” (“Lala” is his word for water… even though he can easily pronounce “lemonade”) Also. Holding a camera steady enough to take clear pictures in a speedboat is not my forte, but at least we have proof of Joe being athletic.
Ares found great joy in pushing around dump trucks.
And the girls (plus their second cousins who visited) found great joy in pushing each other off this lily pad.

So much thanks to my mother-in-law and father-in-law for graciously hosting us, always helping to supervise our kids, and for making such tasty food. (I think I’m going to be dreaming of the fish fry still). I sure hope we can make it up to the cabin again before the summer is over. I love that our kids will have these fantastic summer memories here with their grandparents.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your July as well as a safe and happy 4th!

<3 Rachel