Love, Marriage & a Baby Carriage

This spring, Joe and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. We had a pretty fantastic date night and ended the evening by doing a photo session with my friend Rachel. She heard it was our anniversary and said we should probably celebrate with some photos. Her work is STUNNING with a gorgeous story telling style that gives me goosebumps.

I nearly cried when I got our images back (not just because they were shot and edited so skillfully in golden hour glory), but because I could see so much of our 14 years together in these images. Our smiles are bigger, our hugs are squeezier, our shoe choices remain very “us.” I feel like we look lot different from our anniversary photos taken 10 years ago… I don’t really mean different hair, clothes, etc. I mean I think you can look at either of us and know we’re comfortable (definitely too comfortable) with each other and have loved, laughed so much, and have taken turns holding each other up through life.

I can’t really end this post without mentioning some official news: we are expecting baby number FOUR! I can’t believe how thrilling that is to say and type! If all goes well, we’ll be welcoming our newest arrival in early December.

I was a little hesitant to be photographed at 13 weeks pregnant because, let’s be honest, it’s a physically awkward phase. I’m not exactly in my normal bod, but I don’t quite have those definitive pregnancy curves either. Fortunately, both Joe and Rachel made me feel beautiful and I can see it in the photos. I was also nervous to take announcement photos having experienced a loss last fall. At the same time, I didn’t want to feel fearful, I wanted some joyful photos celebrating how we felt in this moment even though we weren’t quite “in the clear yet.” (And really, when are you actually in the clear? 20 weeks? When they turn 18? Never? I think you worry about your babies for your entire earthly life)

It feels surreal, yet wonderful to be expecting again. When it came to life plans, I hoped I’d ideally have two, MAYBE three kids.
I never thought 4 kids would be something I wanted or could handle It wasn’t until after Ares (#3) was born, I had this strange sensation of always looking for a 4th kid whenever I was doing a headcount. I thought I was a little crazy for wanting one more, but fortunately Joe was entirely onboard with my crazy and here we are.

Thank you Joe for being my source of strength, steadiness, and laughter for 14 years. And most importantly, thank you for looking at me the way Bradley Cooper looks at Lady Gaga for and giving me more in this life than I ever dared of dreaming of. I’m so excited to be growing our family yet again and can’t wait to meet and add #4 to our family!

<3 Rachel