This week (on a seriously perfect day), I packed up the kids and a picnic lunch to visit Fawn-Doe-Rosa. This may have been one of our nicest days all summer…There was essentially no whining, fighting, major injuries, hunger, or complaining. I kind of didn’t know what was happening.

The kids and myself had a fantastic time feeding, petting, and befriending all of the freely-wandering animals (and thoroughly washing our hands before lunch). Of all the animals, Ares loved the “chicken bawk bawks” the best. I fed a sassy llama who immediately spit his food upwards at a taller llama. (I’m like, did I really just see that?) There was also a baby goat who followed us around and kept chewing up signage. And so many more memories! This place is worth the drive and I highly recommend for humans of all ages!

Less than two weeks until school begins now! I guess in addition to those last summer outings, I should probably finally suck it up and buy school supplies too (#hotmessmom).

Happy end of summer, everyone!