Photos with Sparky the Unicorn

A couple weekends ago our family had a unique opportunity to meet Sparky the Unicorn and have some photos taken with him! Originally I had only signed up Rosie for photos, but upon actually seeing Sparky, Cece changed her decision about declining photos with Sparky and barged jumped into the shoot too. All of our kids were expiring from a long, hot weekend and were a wicked combination of surly, sensitive, and spazzy… which might have sent other photographers into panic mode.

But no! My friend Jenessa of Scherer Photo Co. is a total pro and did a marvelous job of capturing some darling and magical shots! (Sure, Rosie has a seriously mean mug in a few, but I have an appreciation for authenticity, so those might actually be the shots we frame!)

Ares was more alarmed than captivated by Sparky this time… but I’m still glad we were able to get all three kids plus Sparky in the frame for a few shots.

And since I am a total “seize the moment/seize the unicorn” kind of gal, I jumped into some photos too and now baby #4 won’t be able to gripe about how he/she didn’t get a chance to be in these pictures.

So much thanks to Jenessa for being such a rockstar and holding these sessions and doing so with grace and poise! It’s no small amount of work to brainstorm an event like this, get it scheduled, promoted, have people sign up, shoot for hours, and then sort and edit hundreds of images! Jenessa, you are a unicorn of a photographer and friend and I’m lucky to know you!