August 2019 Recap

Summer has promptly packed up her bags and has strutted out of here in style. The month of August felt like one last glorious chance to do a lot of our favorite things (Such as visit the cabin and go for rides on Grandpa’s boat as pictured above). Here are some of the highlights!

Even though we tend to avoid activities that involve crowds, lines, or difficult parking situations, our family still attended National Night Out at Lakefront Park in Hudson. To be honest our big motivator was the petting zoo, but we still found ourselves enjoying other features of the evening (such as food, firetrucks, balloon making, and all sorts of swag that was being handed out.)

In the beginning of the month (August 8th to be exact), I turned 33 and felt very loved in the process. Joe and the kids bestowed homemade cake, flowers, chocolates and other goodies to me. And that weekend my 92-year old Grandma visited the Twin Cities along with other Yuen family members. They treated my bro and myself to a spectacular birthday dinner at In Bloom in St. Paul. I truly had such a wonderful time and couldn’t have asked for more! To all who wished me a happy birthday, thank you so much! I think it’s going to be a memorable and fantastic year!

As mentioned earlier, we made it up to the cabin for one more weekend. I had to include this photo Rosie took of me and Joe. She asked to take a photo of us and didn’t put down the corn cob she was eating which made for a pretty unique shot!

Since you know we are into being one with the animals, I took the kids to Fawn-Doe-Rosa which I think just about made their summer. Self high-five!

We managed one last trip to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater.

We also got to bask in the sun one final time at Lake Elmo before the weather started cooling off. (But we didn’t get any photos except for one selfie of me and Joe, sorry kids).

I also spent a significant amount of time breaking up girl fights as the end of summer drew nearer and the novelty of togetherness had long worn off. We’ve had some moments of peace though, such as when the kids played “American Ninja Warrior” (and scaled/got fingerprints all over the walls), shared some play-doh, or discovered a caterpillar to pass around and befriend.

When not “momming”… I suppose I’ve actually still been momming by default as I’ve been working on growing this 4th babe all summer (who is getting bigger and more squirmy by the day!).

But in addition to being pregnant, managing being pregnant, and keeping the other kids alive and semi-entertained this summer, I’ve had a few other things happening! I was able to dance myself happy about once a week via Boogie Fit at The Dancing House. Photography life has been busy, and it’s not even technically busy season yet! I shot one wedding this August and 12 additional sessions including several family sessions, a day of boudoir minis, a fun branding session, an AMAZING trash the dress session, a birthday party, a baptism and more! (You can see more on my photography blog if you’re into following that kind of stuff!)

We’ve also been going to church on Sunday when we can. And over this past week, we’ve been getting the girls ready for academia as the school year kicked off this week.

Yep, life is moving fast. And I feel like I’m huffing and puffing trying to keep up with it. Part of the reason is that I am basically all boobs and belly right now. And I keep craving/eating Pop-tarts and I think it’s slowing me down just a bit.

And I’m going to end this post with a lovely butterfly, because that seems like something that I would do. But I also feel like butterflies are always representative of transformation and becoming more than you were and thought you could be. I feel like all of our family members are in for that. Between Joe training hard all summer and completing his first triathlon this month, Rosie starting kindergarten, Cece starting third grade, me taking on more photography (and children) than I ever dreamed possible, and Ares about to embark on big brotherhood, we are all in for a season of growth and change.

So. If you see us out and about and we seem kind of wonky, it’s because of metamorphosis, mmmmkay? (We’ve been reading “The Very Impatient Caterpillar” lately, and it’s relatable!)

I hope the end of your summer wound down peacefully and you’re ready to fall in love with fall the same way I am.

Peace! Will post again soon!

<3, rachel