First Days of School 2019

I’m still in disbelief that our girls are this big and this old, but Cece and Rosie began third grade and kindergarten this week. Cece started school this Tuesday and Rosie just boarded the bus for her first day of kindergarten this morning. I’m really glad they were cooperative and willing to take first-day pics. (They also wanted to show off their new backpacks they picked out)

It’s definitely been a day of mixed emotions. I’ve been feeling a lot of relief as the day with one kiddo is way simpler than three (and there are definitely less snacks to be handing out during the day!). But I won’t lie, as challenging as it can be, I do love having them all to myself, so it’s a bit hard to send them off for eight hours a day. I’ve been thinking of Rosie nonstop and wondering how it’s all going, but I’m about positive that all is fine and that she’s thoroughly enjoying big kid life.

Also, Ares wanted to “hold letters” so this is what he got.

I hope the first days of school for everyone else has been fun-filled and tear-free so far. Here’s to a great school year!