September 2019

Attending one of Joe’s flag football games this September!

Ah, old blog, I’ve missed you so! Fall is consistently a busy time of year, but this one has definitely been busier than most. I knew mama/family blogging would have to get moved to the backburner for a bit, but I thought I would do a brief catch-up on at least some autumnal happenings.

Early in September, we wrapped up our lazy, feral, summer days and the girls went back to school. Which meant that Ares has been able to soak up one-on-one attention from me four days a week (and from both me and Joe on Fridays). Needless to say, he’s been the happiest two-year-old you could ever imagine about that situation. We’ve enjoyed parks, the library, waterfalls, playdates, baking, cooking, celebrating garbage day weekly, and more.

Fall photos took off and in the midst of that I managed to attend a boudoir workshop hosted by Tarah Elise Photography. I loved having a whole day of education with other passionate talented women. Again, I also knew I wouldn’t have time to fully apply everything taught at the workshop until after my flurry of fall family pics and weddings, but it was a wonderful experience and I believe it’s going to help me grow in the ways I want to next year!

I also hosted another beginner’s photography workshop at my house in September and did a short day of mini sessions in addition to other family sessions. It felt great to shoot outdoors in the warmth and help early bird clients check family photos off their fall to do lists! This above picture was taken by my new friend/assistant for day of minis, Abbie!

Since Joe doesn’t brag about himself on social media, it’s important that I do it for him. Over the summer he began swimming and biking in addition to running to prepare for triathlon training. And then this September he then successfully completed his first triathlon. I feel like I’m always professing how proud I am of him… but I am! The kids and I hung back on the actual day of his race because Ares wasn’t feeling well and it was a cold day, but fortunately my friend Emily sent me photos and play-by-plays of the race as it happened!

I’ve known Ashley since I was eight years old! We both moved away from Illinois long times ago… me to Minnesota and her to San Diego. She has still remained a wonderful friend and constant inspiration to me!

Also in September, I took a solo weekend trip to San Diego to see a longtime friend whom I hadn’t seen in six years! It was somewhat an impulsive decision, probably fueled by pregnancy emotions (as in, if I don’t do this before the baby arrives, I’ll NEVER get there!). It was restorative, relaxing, and just plain fun to see Ashley and Rob and catch up, meet her lovely little girl Loretta. We brunched twice, strolled the beach, shopped around. I can’t thank you guys enough for hosting me! It was truly exactly what I needed before turning into a photographic workhorse for the past four weeks.

The day after I got back from California, I took the kids to our friend Claire’s 5th birthday party where the kids had a blast and Ares had an epic cupcake-stealing moment when I wasn’t looking and all the nearby adults cheered him on and took photos for me.

I also accompanied Rosie on her first kindergarten field trip to the apple orchard! We had such a great time together and it was awesome to get a little one-on-one with her and witness her amongst her new kindergarten peers. (And collect apples, of course)

Thank you to my sister-in-law Kim who connected me with THE sweetest couple ever to photograph their Ren Fest wedding!

The end of September also marked the beginning of shooting the remainder of my 2019 weddings… the first being for a friend-of-a-friend at the MN Renaissance Festival! Huzzah!

And that, my friends, was basically September 2019 in a nutshell/blog post. I can’t say quite when I’ll be back here as I’m typing this from under a mountain of editing that still needs doing, but hopefully I can hit publish a couple more times before baby #4 arrives! I hope your fall has been fantastic so far! Thanks for stopping by!