Halloween 2019

Hello from November! Halloween was one week ago and if I don’t post photos of it now, the images and memories will get lost in the abyss of my slush photos and we’ll never see them again!

Anyone in the Midwest can agree that it was a frigid one. At least it stayed dry for us in Hudson, WI, but it wasn’t nice by any means. Our kids were actually great sports about taking a few photos this year, even in the cold! Cece had chosen a bat costume, but removed the bat decal off the front and declared herself a dragon instead. (She even had silver false eye lashes which looked really cool.) Rosie rocked a Rainbow Dash ensemble, and Ares dressed as Spiderman. He did not want to wear the mask at all, but Joe convinced him somehow to put it on for a few photos.

All of the kids got a decent amount of trick-or-treating in (and we have the candy bowls to prove it). I think Ares may have enjoyed handing out candy the most as he enthusiastically greeted all trick-or-treaters with a “Happy Halloween!” The girls have been very generous about sharing their candy with me which is super sweet. I think they can sense that I am at the end of my pregnancy rope and they’ve been a little extra nice to me lately.

Anyway, I’m glad the kids had a great time! Cece said she’s already excited for me to make my 2019 family scrapbook so we can add these photos in. Here are just a few more shots from our 30 second shoot.

I hope anyone who is reading this enjoyed their Halloween too! And if you didn’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters, I hope you chose tasty candy to give away that you can enjoy yourself.

Can’t wait to see what next year looks like with four kids to find costumes for! I should probably start looking now…