Eat/Wear/Read: Pregnancy Edition

Last year, for fun, I wrote a few eat/wear/read posts documenting my current favorite foods, “fashion”, and fiction/non-fiction books. I’ve been wanting to do it again but not all three categories in my life have seemed very blog-able lately… or this year. (Namely the food one… I mean, you can only make a bowl of cold cereal or leftover pizza look so appealing, haha!)

But whilst I wait for baby #4 to make his or her appearance, here are a few of those things throughout this pregnancy:


All things carb-y and bread-y and sweet have been speaking to me for the past 9 months, but especially during the first trimester of this pregnancy. I went through phase of making myself flatbreads and also daily breakfast sandwiches. This was the least sick I’ve ever felt during a pregnancy which I was extremely thankful for, but nevertheless, I still ate all the bread.

Then I had slight love affair with breakfast cereal. I was hooked. I couldn’t get off the breakfast cereal. Or Poptarts. My inner Whole 30 Rachel kept face-palming, but pregnant Rachel just ate up anyway.

In the summer I tried to rekindle my affection for salad (again, sweet notes like strawberries, dried cranberries, or raisins made for more appealing meals).

And now that it’s frigid outside, I’m all about soup mode (and always served with biscuits!). A new favorite in our house this season is chicken tortellini soup. It has gotten rave reviews from the kids and husband and so it is now securely in the rotation.


In the summer, I was feeling like a babe for a little bit, rotating the same three dresses over and over. I’ve never been pregnant over a summer before and it was fun showing off the bump! I loved this yellow one, I wore it to the kid’s baptism, to shoot photo sessions, and to several social events.

As of late though, I’ve been resorting to Joe’s clothes if I’m not leaving the house (which the kids think is really funny). And if I am leaving the house, my only teensy bit of fashion has been my earrings and lashes. I bought a few leather pairs of earrings off The Dainty Design on Etsy, which I rotated throughout the fall. I think these leopard ones were my most-worn!

I’m super excited to revisit all of my old clothes in my closet once I’ve deflated a little bit instead of re-wearing the same four shirts and two pairs of pants over and over again.

Looking back at those pics from the summer, I am kind of stunned by how small that bump is. Because, as you can see, I’m about to pop any minute and just rolling over in bed feels like an act of congress.


Earlier this year I read Girl Stop Apologizing. People seem to have split opinions over Rachel Hollis and I guess my opinion of her is also a bit conflicted. I love her enthusiasm and drive to pump you up and reach your goals, but I feel like her strategies can be a bit vague and general (example: get healthy, drink water, and set 5 hours a week to tackle your goals…)

Then I moved on to Capital Gaines because I had walked by it so many times I finally just picked it up and bought it. I always wanted to think that out of Chip and Joanna, I was clearly more of a Joanna. But after reading, like, the first four pages of the book I’m like, whoa there. His enthusiasm, positivity, and tendency to dive right into projects before he has any idea what he’s actually doing profoundly resonated with me! The whole premise of the book is “Smart things I learned by doing stupid stuff” and it was a pleasure of a read.

Dove into the Sophie Kinsella novel Surprise Me for vacation. This one was about a 10-year married couple who experience a bit of a mid-life crisis and make hilarious attempts to spice things up. The book had me laughing out loud (especially the part about a boudoir shoot gone awry) and it actually had several plots going on at once and a twist I didn’t see coming at the end. Recommend!

I’ve been a Sophie Kinsella fan since probably my first year of college. After finishing Surprise Me, I went and reread two of her last Shopaholic novels that were on my bookshelf just to finish getting my comedy fix for the summer.

I recently read Profit First as it got recommended to me when I attended a Hudson Professional Mom’s luncheon this fall. Basically it’s a how-to regarding not pissing away all the money you make in your business by only putting it back INTO your business, remembering to actually pay yourself, and other smart financial strategies. I was surprised by what a page-turner it ended up being as the subjects ranged from taxes to investments, to all sorts of things I normally cannot absorb without falling asleep. If you have a business of any size, I suggest reading it!

And now I’m currently finishing up Crazy Rich Asians. I sure do wish that was the type of Asian I am, but alas, a midwestern Target clearance shopper I will forever be and I am ok with that! I especially loved reading about the Asian family dynamics, because it doesn’t matter if you’re a billionaire or blue collar… the relationships are 100% the same. (Example: No human will be good enough to marry your son…. EVER.) As you can see, these were all easy reads because, dammit, my brain needed easy these past nine months!

Well, that’s some of the stuff I’ve been consuming these past 9 months. I’m excited for all food, books, and fresh outfits come 2020! Recommendations are always welcome!