Oct + Nov 2019

As per usual, I feel like I can’t fully move on to the next season of the year/life until I’ve done at least a wee little blog post bringing everything up to date. Here are just a few happenings and photos from October and November. To be honest, I spent most of my time shooting and editing. And when I wasn’t shooting or editing, I was collapsed somewhere asleep!

One fantastic happening from October was an impromptu visit from my favorite Azure! I miss her literally every day and it just made my heart so happy that we got some in-person time together.

Speak of quality time, Rosie and I managed a one-on-one date with each other to Aamodt’s Apple orchard. Since she had such a great time when I recently chaperoned her kindergarten field trip there, she insisted we go again! It was a brief visit but we still managed a hayride, some animal visiting, snacking, and apple acquiring. We had a lot of fun and followed up the apples with a Chipotle date, per her request.

Halloween was dang cold this year and I’m thrilled that we managed one outdoor photo of all 3 kids. It’s early December and we STILL have Halloween candy that we are snacking away at. By the time it’s all gone, I have a feeling Easter candy will be upon us.

November arrived and we did a few things to get out of the house… like attend some of Joe’s flag football games. At this particular game, Cece made a bunch of signage saying “Go DAD!” and things of that nature. It was quite sweet!

We also attended Family Fitness Night at the girls school where they participated in an obstacle course, yoga, mini golf, and more. (Oh, and snacks, can’t forget snacks!)

I had a big day of 11 mini sessions at Studio 130 to finish off my season. We had our own family photos shot there last fall and I was so excited to bring my own clients this year!

The girls and I got to see Frozen II in the theater as well! Rosie said it was the best day ever because I got them each their own Icee instead of making them share one. Also, who else has seen it? I have feelings about the movie and I need to discuss!

Ares and I managed a slew of play dates in November! I loved being able to chat with friends while Ares and other littles took to garbage trucks and other vehicles. As the weather changed, I feel like knowing I had social events on the calendar kept me in a stable and happy mood!

We spent Thanksgiving in St. Cloud with Joe’s fam, some of us planking, and some of us thanking as you can see. As per the trend this month, I didn’t really take any photos, but how cute is the kid table situation?

This is easily the lamest date night photo ever (like, here’s my dirty windshield), but Joe and I did manage one last date before baby’s arrival! We went to Agave Kitchen in downtown Hudson, just in time for all of the holiday lights to be up. I wish I had gotten a photo of the actual two of us, but it should suffice to say that we had a fun enough time to actually forget about taking any pictures!

And there you have it, you’re up to speed on our family’s life. I hope the beginning of the holiday season has been fun, festive, and not too stressful so far for you!