Holiday Happenings 2019

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Before we get into full merry-mode, I just wanted to post a few pics from the last month. Since I was so anxious to prepare for baby’s arrival, we ended up decorating for Christmas the second weekend in November, I ordered and mailed my holiday cards before December, we actually finished our shopping in a timely manner this year, and we were able to accomplish a few fun holiday activities before we were in pure newborn survival mode. (Maybe we should always have a baby around the holidays since it really lit a fire under my butt). Here is some of the festive fun:

Since moving to Hudson, we’ve done an upstairs and downstairs Christmas tree. The upstairs one I give the kids full creative control over. The downstairs Christmas tree, however, is monochromatic and MINE. It was really cute seeing them get excited over all of their “old” ornaments (Rosie: I can’t believe this! This ornament was from preschool!)

As usual, we made gingerbread houses… which didn’t last long because the girls kept choosing to nibble away at them for their after dinner treat.

We also managed a trip to Willow River Company to pay Santa a visit (Cece asked him for an iPhone 11, but Santa told me that’s not happening). We got to sip hot cider, go on a horse-drawn wagon ride, and visit a few farm animals. It was a nice last festive outing before we went into baby mode/survival mode around here.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, no matter where you go or whom your with. I also hope to be back to blogging after the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and yours from us and… ours?

<3 rachel