December 2019

I hope the new year has been off to a great start for you! For the past month, we have been living day to day, just trying to reorient ourselves with having a newborn in our lives. There’s this part of me that feels more calmed down and more together when I’ve had chance to sit down, blog, and just review my life, so that’s what Imma do today. Here is a little summary of what our family did in December ’19!

I had promised Cece I wouldn’t have the baby until after her holiday concert (and mission accomplished, Archer didn’t arrive until five days after the concert). After Cece and her classmates serenaded us, this was our one attempt at a photo of all three kids (per their request).

Above are some of my phone photos when we were in the hospital and Archer was still really new and fresh. (He’s not new and fresh anymore. He just turned one month old and he definitely smells like old milk and needs another bath). No matter what kind of physical wreck I am, those first couple days in the hospital with a newborn are my most favorite thing ever. I truly don’t mind being stuck in bed for a couple days with nothing to do but attempt to rest and hold a new baby. I kept the lights dim and listened to Christmas music while holding Archer and watching the snow fall outside. It made my heart happy even though my body was hurting something fierce.

Our first outing post-hospital stay was to church to see the girls and their cousins perform in the Christmas concert. Don’t they look mighty angelic? They were angelic enough to take to McDonalds afterwards which they were thrilled about. AND grandma and grandpa came!

As you can see, very much gone are the days of taking cute baby bump photos while showered in an uncluttered bedroom. This is a pretty good depiction of life the first few weeks at home with a newborn. No schedule. No sleep. No makeup. Oh, Archer also managed to pee on that mirror (since we’ve been changing him on the dresser)

There was a part of me that thought maybe SOMETHING would come easily to me/us with this being our fourth baby but nooooooo. Life with a newborn is extreme. It’s amazingly snuggly and cuddly and love-filled, but it’s also dirty and exhausting and chaotic… but with three other kids to take care of this time. And then we got to add in “make the holidays” magical to our to-do list!

We spent Christmas Eve in St. Cloud with Joe’s family, and that was actually very nice. The kids loved seeing their cousins and there were lots of people willing to hold the baby so I was able to eat hot food with two hands #christmasmiracle.

Before I opened my gift, Joe’s like “You’re gonna cry.” And of course I cried. Because “Up.”

We also ended up having a lovely Christmas morning/day. The kids awoke to a pretty magical assortment of gifts around the tree. Cece got a desk. Ares got a garbage truck plus a school bus and Rosie got an array of Barbie goodies. We had a tasty breakfast after opening gifts, complete with cinnamon rolls from a neighbor friend. Later in the day, Joe took the kids out to play and build in the snow. It was all in all a relaxing day. It was also sort of unreal. I had spent most of the year in anticipation of our baby’s December due date and also our first Christmas with four kids so it was crazy to me that this time of year was actually happening.

Also in late December, Cece and I were also able to sneak away for a mom and me date. She chose the activities and she chose manicures, Target, and Panera… it might have been one of the best days of the month.

Also, there are no photos from new years eve. Because I didn’t tell the kids it was new years eve and we all went to bed at a reasonable hour (and lived happily ever after. The end.)

I thought about maybe doing a decade in review post, but then I realized this entire freakin’ blog (started in December of 2010) is pretty much a decade in review. So. Check.

I don’t really have time to thoroughly edit this, so I hope there aren’t too many egregious spelling and grammar errors. Done is better that perfect, so let’s go hit publish! Onto 2020!