Eat, Wear, Read: New mom edition

I know when I need a distraction in life, I like to turn to food, clothes, and books. So if that sounds like you, then enjoy today’s content. I’m throwing it back to my new-mom-of four days. Things had to be simple, stretchy, and comforting for the first few months of this year with the new babes arriving.

Tater-tot hotdish, turkey pot pies, and turkey wild rice soup
No-fail chili
Loaded baked potato soup

Right after Archer way born, we ate away at all of our freezer meals. That was possibly the most intelligent thing I did before he was born. It was incredibly helpful to not have to use the small amount of brainpower I had during those exhausting days to think up and cook up food. When we weren’t eating freezer meals, I usually prepared something in the morning in the Crock Pot so at least during the witching hour I didn’t have to worry about cooking amongst crabby people one-handed. One of my favorite new recipes I tried was this loaded baked potato soup.

Blanqi leggings: In those first postpartum weeks, my stomach was all kinds of sore… not just from the C-section incision, but my skin actually felt sore just from being loose after being stretched. Since there was a smokin’ deal happening, I ordered a pair of Blanqi leggings which literally held me together. It felt much better to have high-waisted support while I was healing up. I still wear them even though I don’t “need” to anymore, because I just like the way it feels to have my midsection hugged!

Onto books! One of my first reads after coming home from the hospital in December was the latest Shopaholic novel. It paired well with the holidays, a glass of wine, and cozy evenings snuggled up by the fireplace. So many parts of the book had me guffawing with laughter. I’ll probably reread next holiday season!

After finally reading Crazy Rich Asians that had been sitting on my nightstand for over a year, I zoomed through the rest of the trilogy… China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. They were such fast, fun reads… scandalous and hilarious. If anyone has any lighthearted, foofy reads they can recommend, please, please send my way!

Stay tuned for my next Eat, Wear, Read: Quarantine Edition, it’s going to be amusing.