February + March 2020

I’m throwing it back to a couple months ago, right before life got rearranged and redefined indefinitely. Here are the happy things that happened with our family in February and March of 2020 which now feel like forever ago.

In the beginning of February, Rosie and I had a mama-daughter date to get our nails done, get her haircut, and grab some treats at Knokes. It was an absolutely a pleasure to spend a day together. It never fails to amaze me WHAT DIFFERENT PEOPLE are girls are when they are separated from the pack and get some one-on-one time. I can’t wait until we can have a pampering day together again!

Archer kind of liked Alysha

When we could still socialize, I ended up being able to see a bunch of my friends from far and near who got to meet Archer for the first time! And boy, I sure miss other people being around to hold that baby!

As per usual, seeing Azure for an afternoon filled my heart with joy!
Saw my bro and his new(ish) place!
Jess held Archer nearly the entire time we went out to eat so I could eat a hot meal with two hands prepared by someone other than my self!

I miss every one of you and can’t wait until it ain’t no thing to meet up for a meal, have a play date, or just sit and catch up over coffee.

Ares and I also discovered Wiggle Giggle at the Y. He enjoyed a few Tuesdays of the bounce house and socializing and just getting all that toddler boy energy out. The kids were also able to squeeze in a couple swim lessons at the Y in early March too.

Also in February, Cece started selling Girls Scout cookies for the first time. I have mixed feelings about this experience. I love that she got her first taste of business building and customer service. She and I had a day of going door-to-door and she also did one booth with her troop. But oh dear lord, I can’t bring myself to tell you how many boxes of cookies we ended up buying for ourselves.

At the end of February, Rosie’s kindergarten class had their concert. As s usual, we didn’t arrive in time to secure prime seating, but it was still a joy to watch her sing and perform from a distance!

Early March was the last of our life’s outings. It started out with Joe taking the girls to the Hudson Daddy-Daughter Dance.

This 30th birthday cake smash/boudoir shoot with my friend Tricia was crazy fun… it was honestly like a mini party with the two of us!

I was able to squeeze in a few photography jobs including a day of boudoir mini sessions as well as shooting the cover for the April issue of Hudson neighbors.

With it being Rosie’s birthday month, she got an extra date with Joe and she tried her hand at archery for the first time. She had a blast and there was no shortage of confidence (“I’m, like, REALLY good,” she boasted. Even when she hit the wrong target… “I meant to do that,” she assured Joe.)

And then on March 15, this little lass turned six years old. It broke my heart that we had to cancel her birthday party just as school was getting canceled indefinitely too. She took the news in stride and we ended up getting sent gifts from her friends which was just so sweet and generous.

The last two weeks of March is filed in my brain as a blur of being together at home, processing what was happening, and trying to support Joe as he was working 14 hour days for awhile. We had a few days of starting homeschooling and then it was technically their spring break so we didn’t have to hold class for a whole week. There was bike-riding, roller-blading, tree-climbing, and playing outside at the greenspace across from our house.

I’m not sure what my kids takeaway from this time will be… probably lots of memories of mommy have meltdowns in her pajamas, but hopefully some memories of being together, being cozy… and being on their tablets.

I hope and pray that you and your family are safe and well during these uncertain and weird, weird times.