Cece’s Photography

One week ago I let Cece borrow my old Canon rebel with the kit lens. She had asked if she could use it a few other times, and honestly, I’m running out of ideas and activities around here so I said sure. I gave her a few tips, but then just let her do her thing outside.

In the past seven days, she’s been on fire. She’s taken the camera out four times and then came in to upload and edit her photos in Lightroom. I showed her some basic things, like how to add a preset, adjust the sliders, and play around with brightness, contrast, etc. And I am so impressed by EVERYTHING she’s done! I love how much enthusiasm she had, how shrewdly she culls her photos (“I took 100 photos, but I brought it down to 30… what?!?), and I love her bold editing choices.

I have managed to refrain from hovering (because who wants their mom telling them what to do and how to do it?). I’ve been loving seeing her creative eye and instincts at work!

Eight years ago I bought that camera for the sole purpose of taking better photos of Cece and I just love how ironic and awesome it is that she’s using it herself now.

I truly believe the most effective and fastest way to develop photography skills is just to grab your camera and have fun shooting and experimenting and that’s exactly what she’s been doing the past week. I’m really excited to see what else she creates over this summer. Maybe I can hire her to take some fresh headshots of myself!