Family Photos Spring 2020

Last month, we had family photos taken by my friend Tricia! The purpose was for the Hudson Neighbors magazine feature, but she was kind enough to snap way more for us. I know it seems like we are always getting family photos done (and it sure feels that way for my own family I know!). But these kiddos change so much so fast! Not sorry!

In the short time we shot, she got some great additional pictures including Ares and his garbage truck, Rosie traipsing through prairie grass, me and little man, plus a couple photos of me and Joe because ten year anniversary! Now I just gotta figure out what I want to print and how I want to display. Thanks again, Tricia! (kissy face emoji here!)

It’s pretty amazing to see how much life has changed (and how our family has expanded in the past decade). I can’t even begin to imagine what our family picture in 10 more years will look like, but I’m guessing I’ll be the shortest one in the group.