April & May 2020

I sent this photo to my mom one morning and she goes “Wow! Looks like you’re running a daycare!” So coincidental because I FEEL like I’m running a daycare except with less structure and more anarachy.

Alternate titles for this post included “Love in a Time of Corona” as well as “Straight Outta Quarantine,” but I just decided to go with what I’ve been consistently titling these monthly/bi-monthly life updates complete with iPhone photos.

I haven’t really written much about my thoughts/feelings/experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, because it seemed like EVERYONE was constantly writing about it, offering up their at home workouts, crafts for kids, recipes, heaping piles of judgement, etc. The sheer amount of information and conflicting information was overwhelming. And I actually can’t read any more news articles on the NYT, WSJ, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and more because I’ve reached my free article max and now they want me to PAY for news. The audacity.

(Just kidding, I get it.)

This whole situation made people anxious, uncomfortable, angry, and sad. As a society, forced us to pause, slow down, and look inward without outside distractions. We’ve had to examine our relationships with our spouses and children. It’s made us take a hard look at our finances, our homes, and our lives. Which is a hard thing but a good thing.

But I’m also realizing this is part of our own family’s life and a part of history and there’s nothing wrong with documenting how it affected us. We have been on the very fortunate end of things. We don’t have any friends or family who have become infected. Joe was able to continue working this entire time. I was already staying home with the kids, so although it wasn’t easy or ideal to try and do distance learning with an infant and a toddler at home, it was still a manageable situation.

When I write these posts, typically what I do is just scroll through my phone from the past month or two and add my favorite photos which usually jogs my memory and I can remember some little stories to add. But man, April and May didn’t have a whole lot of photos. I found a sizable assortment of images of the girls doing their school work at home so I could send it to their teachers to provide visual proof that we just weren’t watching You Tube continuously for two months.

So let’s see what I can patch together from Spring 2020.

As you can see, Archer has been oblivious to all of this quarantine/pandemic business and has just been focusing all his energies on getting SOOOOO big and stinkin’ cute. His presence has been the sweetest part of 2020.

Ares has also been quite adaptable to our quieter, slower, more home-centric life. For him, what changed was that the girls were here all the time and we didn’t go out to run errands or to the Y anymore. But garbage day never stopped, he still got to play outside nearly every day, get his favorite books read to him, listen to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at bedtime, etc. He’s been a champ and a constant source of happiness and positivity to say the least.

Here’s some of that distance learning life I was talking about. One of our last days of “school” above.
My favorite art project Rosie did while at home with me. All her idea too, she plucked some flowers off our wilting dining room bouquet and made this!

I’m not going to post a bunch of the girls hunched over the computer and dining room table doing school work because I think we are all very aware that distance learning happened and I think we are ok without reliving it any more than necessary. I don’t know what fall holds, but I’m thinking the best mindset to have is just to either expect the worst or have no expectations at all.

We celebrated a couple birthdays in captivity too! Ares turned three on May 5th and was paid a visit by two garbage trucks and two fire trucks, had a blueberry cake, and had all around a swell day.

Cece turned 9 on April 30 and we spent the day as a family hiking at Interstate Park. It was an absolutely beautiful day and so refreshing to go somewhere new to celebrate our not-so-little lass.

Joe also turned 37 (I think) on April 6 and I truly don’t remember what we did that day… probably baked a cake and had tacos I’m guessing.

Mother’s Day was lovely. I was treated to a variety of spoils (bath bombs, candles, the Magnolia Cook book. And we ordered Applebee’s to-go for dinner which was super tasty (because mama needed boneless buffalo wings) and it was glorious not to cook!

With no gym option, Joe and I began running outside a lot. We took turns going out while the other stayed home with the kids. We even did some time trials (him a mile and a 5k, me just a mile). Although it was hard at first and I felt clunky and awkward, I grew to really look forward to my runs at Willow River and had a longest run just shy of seven miles this spring. Doesn’t sound that impressive, but I’ve never really been a runner so this was legit progress. Oh, also Joe and I did The Murph on Memorial Day. I had to do kneeling pushups and jump pull ups. But still. And Joe wore a weight vest for it. We were sore for days after this.

Speak of Memorial Day weekend 2020, this is what it looked like. Every single toy in our garage out, waterslide up, and burgers and hotdogs on the grill. The country was in upheaval, we weren’t with extended family like we normally would be, but at least we were together. Which seems to be the overarching theme of this year.

Lastly, In May I was also able to resume outdoor photo sessions again, held Mother’s Day minis, maintained distance, and didn’t hug or touch anyone. Sure, it was different but I was grateful to be doing my thing again because mentally I needed it so much!

Well, I’m glad I could finally report on April and May now that June is nearly over. Talk soon! Take care everyone.

<3 rachel