Eat, Wear, Read: Quarantine Edition

Here are some things consumed, worn, and read over our cooped-up spring:

Ultimately, quarantine forced creativity. I think that’s the best way to describe our lifestyle during March, April, and May.

The meals I made were interesting and varied. When all of the stay-at-home orders initially happened and there was no soup, toilet paper, or frozen items to be found, I resorted to using up any pantry and freezer items we had to create meals before before restocking our shelves. Fortunately, that approach resulted in a few tasty meals I wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Southwest pork chops and loaded baked potatoes

Slow cooker teriyaki chicken, rice, and frozen veggies
Tortilla crusted tilapia (frozen from Costco) made into tacos
Sweet potato salmon cakes (one of my favorite year-round Whole 30 meals)

Eventually the weather took a turn for the nice and we were able to start grilling and our meals started looking a little more robust and fresher.

Jerk-seasoned chicken drummies, sweet potatoes, pineapple, and salad with peppers, cucumbers, and feta

There were also plenty of times that things were just simple, comforting, and not photo-worthy, but I still took photos.

Like when I didn’t feel like making a real lunch for myself so I resorted to mini charcuterie plates.
Or sometimes when I was feeling like a five-year-old I resorted to Fruity Pebbles as a mid-day snack

Now that it’s June, I’ve been emerging from food-survival mode and have started trying out new recipes for the first time in a long time, so I’m excited to share more things I’ve been cooking up recently. Anyway, on to the “wear” portion of this post.

During the spring, my post-baby bod was still between sizes and changing shape by the day. I was struggling a bit with what to wear (it was also hard to care since we weren’t really doing anything or seeing anybody). BUT I ended up ordering some Color Street nail wraps from my friend Leah because I enjoy DIY nail products and ended up with several cute manis I did myself. These things were super easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and lasted a long time!

Having nice nails kind of resulted in a domino effect of motivating me to get dressed, put on makeup, etc. even on days were were just home and distance learning. Also, this glitter one stayed on for about six years.

I managed to read a couple of books this spring between that I highly recommend! I finished Where the Crawdads Sing in about two days. It was nearly impossible to put down and just as good as all the hype. It was gorgeously written, I felt like the laziest writer ever after absorbing all of the beautiful language in the book.

As it’s described on the jacket, it’s part murder mystery and part coming-of-age tale. It’s set in the 1950s in rural North Carolina and tells the story of Kya, a girl who is abandoned by her parents and family and forced to survive on her own at the age of seven. It’s heartbreaking, inspiring, maddening, and absolutely intriguing. Go read it now so we can discuss!!

Little Fires Everywhere was another novel that I could not put down and finished in just a few days. It’s a timely tale of two mothers and their worlds clashing. So many great characters as well as complex themes are packed into this book… race, class, privilege, the American dream, mother-daughter relationships, and motherhood in general (who deserves to be a mother, the choices mothers make for the sake of their children and also the choices they make using their children as an excuse). I’d love to watch the series on Hulu except that I don’t have Hulu… or time, haha.

Anyway, I’d love to hear recommendations for my next read! I love thrillers as well as comedic light reads and self-help books too!

Looking forward to the next time I can create one of these posts, they are one of my favorite to do!