Three, Six, Nine (and Six Months)

For nearly a month now, I’ve had “Take Archer’s 6 Month pics on my to-do list.” And I’m satisfied to say that about five minutes before he turned seven months old, I got them done! If that doesn’t deserve a self-high five, what does? I also realized my family is at this neat moment where the kids are 3, 6, 9 and six months. Never again will their ages be so easy to remember. So since the grandmas need some updated pics of our kids anyway (and since I skipped doing a birthday blog for each of them this year) I’m going to catch everyone up on our little crew.

Archer is six months old and everything I didn’t know I always needed. I see a little bit of each of his siblings in him, yet he is all his own person too. He’s wanted to be big since he was wee little. He loves being held and carried around (and he doesn’t care by who, be it us, his big sisters, or babysitters) He fusses and gets upset when no one is paying attention to him, but is easily placated as soon as you make eye contact and let him know that he has your attention. He’s ever so chunky, but has a mad love for jumping and swinging in his doorway jumparoo. He’s also got the best smile and tries to talk all the time.

No matter what age Ares is, it always seems like the perfect age. Right now he is three, and the easiest three-year-old I’ve had so far. He is extremely articulate and probably the very best person in our family at picking up on other’s emotions and adjusting his attitude accordingly. For instance, I was feeling upset and overwhelmed the other day and he puts his arms around me as says “It’s ok, I’m here.” I literally have no idea who he learned that from. He will also just declare “I’m happy today.” just in case we have any doubts.

He can recognize all of his letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. He often compliments himself (“I’m so brave!” and “We should go to McDonald’s… that’s a great idea!”) and he’s great about complimenting other’s (“I love your shirt!) and using “please” and “thank you” unprompted. He still very much loves garbage trucks, but identifies and loves ice cream trucks, mail trucks (FedEx, UPS, and USPS), and construction vehicles. He lately has also taken to pretending he’s a police officer or a firefighter.

He is pure sunshine condensed into a stocky little three year old and I don’t think I could love him anymore.

Rosie is our little six-year-old mama hen. I was nothing like her growing up and she’s definitely the kind of girl I’d be envious of… outgoing, fearless, and funny. She adores baby Archer and will always ask to watch him for me, surrounding him with toys, singing for him, and tickling him. She can frequently be found shoe-less and dirty playing with the neighborhood boys, “borrowing” my makeup, and telling her girlfriends what to do. Joe and I are working on trying to soften some of her edges without diminishing her vivacious spirit ( I just don’t want her making other people cry… kids or adults).

She can be quite empathetic at times though. When recently asked about the characters on Teen Titans Go, she said “I don’t like Robin… but I did feel really bad for him when he got dysentery.” She’ll be going into first grade this fall (and first grade won’t know what hit it.)

On to our nine-year-old! Cece was so sweet to humor her old mama and not only take some photos but put on a dress for them too instead of shorts and her Spartan Race t shirts. She has recently denounced all things girly and has even given all of her dresses to Rosie. She can be found frequently doing handstands, cruising the neighborhood on her bike with friends, playing Minecraft or Roblox, and rummaging for snacks in the kitchen like a bear. She’s been very helpful to me this summer, watching her brother’s when I need a minute, walking Zuzu, vacuuming daily, and helping me with organizing projects. She also loves shooting photos with my old camera and spending time editing and re-editing in Lightroom. She is growing up which makes me sad, happy, nervous, and excited all in one breath. She’s got a good heart and will go far!

Well, that’s them! I still don’t believe that I have this many or that I’ve been momming for almost a decade. Motherhood has been the greatest joy and challenge and also the messiest, funniest, and most ridiculous ride I’ve ever been on!