It would appear that the only times I’ve taken pictures with my camera instead of my phone this summer were beach and lake days when everyone is swimsuit clad and we are near the water (which ironically is probably the worst time to grab a camera, but whatever).

Below are some moments from when we spent a few days at my in-laws cabin in June.

As you can see, we enjoyed the simple pleasures of using chalk paint on the ground as well as faces, experimenting with temporary tattoos, eating lakeside snacks, and soaking up the sun while enjoying periodic dips in the water. Getting away from our normal scenery was relaxing and refreshing and I can’t wait until we can do it again.

In July, we’ve managed 4 beach days so far as a family, alternating between Perch Lake in Hudson and Square Lake in Stillwater. Since our swim lessons at the Y got cancelled when we were just a few classes in this spring, it’s been great to see the kids getting better about going under water and more acclimated to swimming.

And after a few of those beach days, we came home just to inflate the water slide because everyone was already in their swimsuits. We kept telling ourselves that the big days of water play would help result in easier bedtimes and good rest (hahahahahahahah).

Anyway, that’s been a little bit of some things that seemed and felt normal during this unique summer.

Til next week or so!