July 2020

It’s a… relief/accomplishment (?) to check off another month in the year of 2020.

July 2020 for our family wasn’t brimming with activities and outings like most summers, but it was still enjoyable. However, we’ve also had a few family beach days and a few park visits. I’ve had some wine nights with one of my fave friends. I’ve also been taking my Rollerblades and skating around in circles in the mornings for some head-clearing and exercise. And I had about 8 outdoor photo shoots too.

We did some fun house projects as well, but I think I’ll save and share those in a different post. But here are the happenings in Instagram photos!

Red, white, and cute!
Glenwood Park
Grandview Park
Madison’s Place Playground
Fun in the sun at Perch Lake
Fun at Troy Beach!
Not pictured, me and Tricia, but just know that we are having the best time!
This $10 used wagon has been such a hit with the boys!
Saw all the butterflies at Homestead Parklands
My wheels!
Archer using the trusty old dino to stand and “walk.”
Archer’s beach tent being used in our living room

We are on our way out for some cabin fun this week so I’m going to sign off and make this short and sweet. Enjoy the rest of your summer before we go back to school in some way, shape or form.