First Day of School 2020

They are off! After 6 months of being away from school, the girls were bouncing off the walls this morning with excitement to return. Cece and Rosie woke up at 6:30 am on their own and came downstairs where Cece made both of them breakfast. They both got ready for school without needing any rushing or prompting from me. They requested specific hairstyles, wore their masks in the house and attempted to leave 30 minutes early.

What the what?!?

If we are going to look on the bright side of this year, I will say that our kids have never been more excited to return to school. The enthusiasm is unreal and I’m sure it will be short-lived, but I’ll take it! I’ve explained over and over (as have their teachers) that the school year will be different and things will be changing probably with each passing week and month…

“We’re fine with that!” they say.

Anyway, here’s to a new year. Before they left for 1st and 4th grade, I told them how proud I am of them. They both grew up in different ways this summer and have demonstrated creativity, resilience, and positivity in addition to becoming big helpers to me with their little brothers and around the house.

Cece has been so physically active, is constantly doing handstands, pullups bridges and backbends trying to get better and stronger. Her manners and thoughtfulness has improved and she’s picked up chores around the house like walking the dog, vacuuming, and making her bed and putting away her laundry without being asked. Rose has been the most tremendous helper with her brothers, she’s incredibly sweet and patient with Archer, and mostly sweet and patient with Ares. Our day-to-day these past six months has often been chaotic, messy, and wild. But now stepping back and reflecting on it, I can see that we all grew in good ways.

I’m a little wistful at the thought of us being apart during the days now after months of such intense togetherness, but on the whole, I’m glad for a new season and school year, for however long it lasts.

Wishing gyou and your family nothing but the best as we all make this transition in our own ways!