August 2020

August! I gotta be honest, it wasn’t too shabby. We spent a few lovely days up north at the cabin. Cece learned to water ski. I celebrated my 34th birthday (wha??? That can’t be right. Pretty sure I’m only 23.

We had a few last outing to some parks, the splash pad, and finished off summer with a visit to the wildlife at Fawn-Doe-Rosa.

I feel as though we finally fell into a pretty good groove of being home, spending time outside, and not being overly on-the-go. This summer will always stand out to me as different and strange, but also sweet in the slowness of it. The sleeping in, meals on the porch, the beach visits that may not have happened otherwise, the constant walks and multiple trips a day to parks.

We’re embarking on a new season now, but I think we drank up as much summer as we needed and we’re as ready as we can be for what’s next.

I’m hoping your fall has been off to a pleasant start so far!

Talk soon,