Eat, Wear, Read: Summer 2020

Hey everyone! I hope your September has been going ok and that they’re hasn’t been anything terribly surprising and/or traumatizing. I just wanted to be consistent over here and do my quarterly Eat, Wear, Read post for my summer reads, meals, and outfits.

In true 2020 fashion I’ve been struggling with clothes a little bit just because this is the first time I haven’t been able to shed the baby weight post-pregnancy. I’m not overly stressed about it though. I know perfectly well that if I ate less tacos and pizza and didn’t chase down food trucks the way I do, I probably could lose a few extra pounds.

However, I’ve been accepting of the fact that I’m now 34 (as opposed to 24 when I had my first baby). 4 deliveries (two of which were C-sections) later, I think my body deserves some grace and kindness! That being said, I’ve opted for loose, flowy tops this summer (mostly for nursing purposes), and masks that go with everything.

After eyeing up a bright red two-piece with cut-outs at Target, I just freakin’ bought it. Extra 10 lbs and all, I still felt like a babe at the beach this summer. I literally don’t own anything red, but this suit just totally spoke to me!

Also, our entire family dabbled in fake tattoos this summer because why not? (They’re from Amazon)

Who wants to go with me to get something real one of these days??

As for the reads, one of the books I enjoyed this summer was Big Summer. It examined a frenemy relationship, investigated a murder, touched on the life of an influencer, and threw in a touch of romance. Ideal summer read.

I also bought myself The Lies that Bind for my birthday. As mentioned in previous posts, I am a huge Emily Giffin fan (I basically freaked out once when she responded back to me on one of my comments on her IG). This story takes place in 2001 and centers around the 9/11 aftermath as a woman in New York searches for her new man who disappeared in the chaos. As this happens, she gets tangled in a whole big web of lies and deception. I found myself saying “GIRL, YOU IN A MESS! WHAT YOU GONNA DO?!?” to the book several times. Go read it! I want to discuss with someone.

Lastly, my final “read” comingles with “eat” as it’s the Magnolia Cookbook! I tried out several recipes from here this summer and they were quite tasty and crowd-pleasing! (I’m guessing it’s all the butter.)

Honey Garlic Chicken
Beef Stroganoff
This is actually homemade sushi made by one of our neighbors. We haven’t been able to go sushi dates since the pandemic started (are you playing your tiny violin for me?) and it was just the kindest neighborly gesture! I do love that 2020 has brought out moments like this between people.

Well, now that we are 2/3 through September, I’m looking forward to embracing sweater weather, all fall-flavored things, and any books that go great with a fireplace! As always, send me your recommendations!

Thanks for reading!