Archer at 9 Months

Archer is 9 months and 10 days old. I’m a little unnerved at how quickly all of these milestones are coming up and how big he is getting… big personality, big head, big appetite, and big trouble.

Ares was not pleased that I wanted to use the dump truck as a prop and promptly brought it back in the garage. But at least we managed a couple shots with it! What else, what else… Archer’s big ambitions in life include crawling after the dog’s dishes and splashing in the water (ew) and then scurrying over to the dishwasher whenever he hears it open so he can “help.” He adores bath time, bananas, yelling, and the full attention of his parents and siblings. I can’ believe he is so close to turning ONE! We’ll have to do some kind of snowy, wintry-themed shoot because he is our only winter baby.

We love you Archer!