September + October 2020

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? (And by minute, I mean about two months). I usually go a little dark during the fall because that’s when photo season ramps up for me and any free time I can find is used for shooting and editing client photos. This fall was a very mixed bag for me. But for the sake of consistency and the comfort of good habits, I’m going to do the thing where I present the pretty parts of this season. Like the above photo is my spoils from the Hudson Farmer’s Market in early September. Notice the lack of produce. Notice the amount of jams and candles. I think this tells you a bit about who I am as a person.

In early September, while it was still summery, we visited the St. Croix Boom site for the first time. It was a perfect little hike for Ares to explore while continually reciting “Going on a Bear Hunt.”

Cece was also able to see her Girl Scout Troop for the first time since early spring for their bridging ceremony as they made the official transition from Brownies to Juniors.

Cece was a dear and shadowed me at one of my sessions in September. It’s been hard to fit in one-on-one with the kiddos lately, so I’m glad we had that evening together.

September ended up being a rough month for me, I leaned on a lot of family and friends for support and I had one cathartic morning where my bro and I were able to hike at Willow River at the end of September and it helped my heart a whole lot.

I love this real-life bedtime photo that got snapped this fall. I’ve always had such a love/don’t love relationship with bedtime. I’m always at the end of my rope… plum out of patience, and in total Ms. Hannigan mode. But I do love routine and I love reading stories, so I try to focus on that between everyone running around naked and no one listening to me.

The kids and I enjoyed the last notes of warm weather as summery temps continued to resurface through October. We visited a few parks including Teddy Bear Park which I hadn’t been to in at least a year. The boys loved it! I also treated Ares to a hot chocolate and got some “best day evers!” out of him.

I had an amazing weekend alone (yes, all alone!) as Joe took the kids to the cabin in October. I saw a couple friends, soaked in the bath, shot a few sessions, and got my hair colored for the first time in five years by my friend Tricia! If you’re in Hudson, go see her, she’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

Speak of my friend Tricia, she also created this exceptional charcuterie board via one of The Board Loon’s workshops and invited me over to share. Was it one of the best things I’ve eaten in 2020? Absolutely it was!

October ended on a high note because who doesn’t love Halloween? (Ok, actually me… I grit and muscle my way through Halloween so I can get to Christmas, but I really loved our little gaggle of dinosaurs plus one cutie of a tiger). There were a lot of bowls of candy set out in our neighborhood to minimize contact and some innovative pipes shooting out candy as well. For the most part, I think our kids really enjoyed the holiday and we only lost one child once, so that’s what I call a success.

I’m glad to be onto November and focusing on gratitude before me move on to the bustle of the holiday season. I’m also trying to take life just a day at a time… sometimes that also means just going hour by hour and that’s OK too.

Sending love and good energy out your way no matter who you are! Thanks for reading <3