Happy 1st Birthday, Archer Quinn

On 12/11, our last baby turned one. It’s definitely an emotional milestone, but watching him grow has easily been the highlight of 2020. I absolutely love our little roly poly with his big personality!

Here’s how he started off. It was a bit of a “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” type of delivery, but turns out he was worth all of the craziness. (Archer’s birth story can be read here!

We bought him a “baby 1st Christmas” ornament, briefly forgetting that he already had his first Christmas last December. Oops.
Fortunately, we’ve had Mama Rosie to help care for him since day one. I’m not really sure what we would have done without her.
It took a good six weeks maybe, but it was the best thing when Archer started smiling.
And then he didn’t really stop smiling!
Once summer hit, Archer loved being outside. He had his first boat rides at the cabin, enjoyed swings, wagon rides, and generally being the center of attention.
His 6 month photos
And his 9 month photos
He was the cutest little baby dino for Halloween.
He was a little concerned-looking for his 12 month pics, but I still think he’s adorable

Mr. Archer, watching you grow was easily the sweetest part of 2020. Witnessing your super fast bear crawl, seeing how proud you are of yourself when taking steps, or being stunned by how much chicken wild rice soup you can eat, you keep us on our toes and your big smile warms our hearts. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more delightful baby into existence. I am so proud to be your mama! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!