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Valentine’s Day is for suckers. And we are suckers.

I consider us people who do an a acceptable job of expressing our love and affection year-round. However, I don’t object to a holiday that promotes putting the bells and whistles on love via chocolate and flowers.  Although we keep the holiday low-key, we do acknowledge it. Below are my step-by-step instructions of how to achieve an understated, yet successful Valentine’s Day at home.… Continue reading Valentine’s Day is for suckers. And we are suckers.

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Random bits of February

Life lately means… spending more time outdoors, taking walks and letting our dogs (and Joe) frolic at the park …baking homemade banana bread for no reason other than it’s delicious and perfect with the morning coffee. …enjoying Cece’s ever-hilarious personality, faces, and “words” …working on our home (installing a new dishwasher, planning our bathroom revamp, and enjoying a sweet sofa… Continue reading Random bits of February

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What makes the season bright

      It’s recently become clear to me that these truly are the sweetest days of my life. Although I do try to make everyday as productive as possible with housework, errands, sometimes the gym, and keeping Cece happy and healthy, it’s definitely not always like that. And that’s a good thing. I realized that earlier this… Continue reading What makes the season bright