Date Nights · Love you


                To be perfectly honest, I haven’t blogged all week because every day was… well, rainy, gloomy, and slightly uneventful. During the day, Cece and I were back to the great indoors, coloring, sculpting play-doh, reading, getting some household organizing done, and watching the occasional Disney movie. Each night, after… Continue reading Stella’s

Date Nights · Love you


  I hope these blurry phone photos capture the delight that was date night. Technically, we haven’t had a date since the summer. It sounds really pathetic when I say it that way, BUT, we do go on family outings frequently, including dinner. However, the last time Joe and I got a sitter and left the house… Continue reading Dated!

Date Nights · Summer


I’m 26 already? I’m pretty sure that’s what people consider their upper twenties. That seemed to happen awfully fast. I had a low-key, yet lovely day. And it was very food-centric, which was perfect. Joe made me banana pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee before he left for work this morning, even though he doesn’t even like banana pancakes. C and… Continue reading Twenty-six!

Date Nights

371 Diner

While staying up north over the holiday, Joe and I were shooed out to go on a date while grandma and grandpa stayed with Cece. We hit up the 371 Diner in Baxter with the intention of only getting ice cream. We ended up splitting a shake and then splitting a breakfast skillet per Joe’s request (even though we were about… Continue reading 371 Diner

Cecelia · Date Nights

Chipotle Sunday

Chipotle Sunday is something Joe and I have been doing for years. (We’re easily putting the Chipotle kids through college.) We love having another enthusiastic participant to carry on the tradition with. Right now, we only let her hold the burrito so she can marvel at the foil. Someday, she’ll get to place her own little order and that will probably… Continue reading Chipotle Sunday