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Jan + Feb 2018

Hi there! We are two months into 2018 and for the most part, I’m liking it. It has been a lot of time indoors, a lot of shoveling (thanks, Joe!), washing off germs, and much cozying up by the fireplace. As it happens every year, I’m anxious to leave winter behind and move onto spring.… Continue reading Jan + Feb 2018

Cecelia · DIY

No-ouch Cacti

My longtime crafting buddy (Cece) and I got around to doing an EASY and fun art project one rainy afternoon last week. This project  is too heavy to put on the fridge, but can be displayed anywhere in our house!  There’s plenty of different versions of this on Pinterest, but really all you need is clay… Continue reading No-ouch Cacti

Cecelia · DIY · Summer

Fairies Welcome

With all of the mermaid-loving that goes on in our home, maybe it seems like we don’t have the time of day for other mythical creatures. Not true. Cece and I also have a soft spot for fairies. We enjoy watching the Tinkerbell movies, reading fairy books, and playing with her collection of fairy wings and wands. Sometimes Cece asks me if… Continue reading Fairies Welcome